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When you think of men hairstyles, you may not realize that they like diversity just like women do. Some men may even consider a new hairstyle, a new challenge. This new challenge is a lay way for them to make over their entire lives and their entire look.

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To these men, an image makeover may be as exciting as getting a new set of hot wheels. They may start slowly in their transformation starting with a new wardrobe change and then work their way to a brand new and noticeable hairstyle change.

After all is said and done, these men also will realize that it was the hairstyle that made the big difference in their new look.

Mens Hairstyle Glossary
Mens Fashion Pompadour
Mens Thick Layered Bob

It was the new style that was most noticeable. It is easy to see why this change would be more prevalent than just changing the way you dress.

It is your hairstyle that will be projecting your image 24/7 while the new red car (which in this case would be the new clothes) . . . only works while you are driving it (or wearing them). 

Why The Change?

Why do men want this new change in their hairstyle? There can be many reasons.

They could be bored with their lives, their looks or they just want to spice things up a bit. They may also be the type of men who likes changing as the times does.

They like wearing the types of clothes that are in fashion, driving the latest popular cars, eating at exclusive restaurants and wearing the latest hairstyles, too.

Style For Your Lifestyle

The great thing about today's popular and trendy men hairstyles is how easy they can be modified to suit your needs and lifestyles.

This is great because there is no such thing as a stereotypical man, anymore. Men, just as women, come from all walks of life and have such diverse careers and jobs.

Many of the popular hairstyles are well suited for the business men, as well as the construction workers and even the hard rocking musicians.

When you see a man walking on the street, you can't guess what his job or career is just by looking at his hairstyle alone. You must also take into account his dress and even his mannerisms. This makes today's hairstyles even more interesting and appealing than they have ever been.

Are You Stuck In A Style Rut?

Are you a man who feels stuck in a rut? Would you like to show the world that you are up with the current trends? Would you like to get rid of that old fashioned look from the 60's, 70's or even the 80's? Do you like the idea that people can't tell everything about you by looking at your hair and hairstyle alone?

If you decide you want a new hairstyle change, glance through the listings of the popular, trendy hairstyles for men. Read the overviews. Think about which one's not only appeal to your sense of style, but your lifestyle.

Then take the leap. Get a new look, a new hairstyle. Then enjoy the new you that you will become.


Alternative haircuts and hairstyles are not just for teenage boys, add a little edge to your style with Indie, Rock, or Scene styles.

Male Indie Haircuts
A look at Men's Indie Haircuts, tips for choosing Indie Styles and info. on color and length.

Guys Scene Haircuts
Criss Angel is young celebrity who is seen in a wide range of scene hairstyles and color. Criss almost has a classy look to his styles to which he adds a touch of makeup and nail polish.

Very Sort Styles

The Brush Haircut
If you are a man who is looking for an easy wash and wear hair cut the men's brush cut may be your style.

The Butch Haircut
A men's butch haircut is a short hair cut similar to a burr cut. It is styled by the use of a clipper with the hair on top of the head cut all the same length which is usually about 1/4 of an inch, but can be left longer.

A good choice if your hair gets in your way at work, if your hair is thick and your head gets hot, or if you work in a lot of heat.

Short Styles

Layered Bobs
Bob hairstyles for men are casual and easy to maintain. The men's bob originates from the 1970s Shags

When you think of a Rockabilly Haircut, you may automatically think of John Travolta in Grease, old rock n' roll music, Elvis Presley or James Dean, the 1930's, 1940's, the 1950's, a lot of hair grease and a lot fun.

Great rockabilly haircuts start with the styles of James Dean and Elvis Presley who rocked short styles into men's fashion. 

In the 1950's Madame de Pompadour invented this style that is still popular today for authentic Rockabilly hairstyles and 50s costumes.

Long Styles

Men's Long Hairstyle Gallery
View men's long hairstyle pictures in gallery.

Long Hair For Men
View long hair for men in gallery featuring long straight and smooth styles and long curly styles.

Color For Men Hairstyles

Men's Highlights
See how highlights can be used to add subtle or dramatic effects to a hairstyle.

Styling Techniques

Change your style with texturizing, how to texture your hair with styling product for a new look.
Men's Texture Techniques

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