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Megan Fox Hairstyles

Megan Fox’s style is pure side swept hairstyle perfection. With her long, cascading locks, Megan Fox’s hairstyle is abundant with classic beauty and sophistication.

Megan Fox Side Swept Hairstyle

Megan Fox’s hairstyle has minimal layers and those which are found in her hairdo are long and used to implement fullness and wave. There have been both highlights and lowlights carefully woven throughout Megan Fox’s hairstyle that offer the illusion of depth and provide a high gloss finish to her look.

You do not have to have locks as long as Megan Fox’s to perfectly mimic her hairdo. As long as you have enough hair to wear swept to the side, you too can have a sophisticated side swept hairstyle.






style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products that are made for your hair type and condition

Towel dry gently and then detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb

Apply a golf ball sized dollop of styling mousse to damp hair, distributing the product evenly with your fingers

Use the edge of your comb and working from the outer edge of your right eye backward, create a side part

Use a round brush and dry your hair in small sections that are easy to manage

Lift and direct your hair towards the left side of your head through the crown

When your hair is completely dry, use a large barrelled curling iron to curl the length of your locks

Comb through your curls gently with your fingers and arrange your hair as desired

Rub a dime sized amount of styling lotion between your palms and then smooth your hands over your hair from the mid-lengths to the ends which will keep your curls in place while preventing flyaway strands

You can mist your finished hairstyle with spray shine and or hairspray for gloss and hold

Megan Fox Hairstyles

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