Meg Ryan Hairstyles ~ Style This Easy Short Curly Bob

meg-ryan-shaggy-bob-hairstyle.It would he hard to argue that there has ever been a more duplicated hairstyle in Hollywood than celebrity Meg Ryan’s curly Bob hairdo.












We have seen numerous Meg Ryan hair cuts and Meg Ryan hair styles throughout the years with none being as popular as Meg Ryans latest curly hair, styled in a short bob.

Short curly Bob hairstyles are loved for many different reasons, among the top of, which is the flexibility that a short Bob haircut provides.

Another positive attribute in favor of a Meg Ryan Bob hairstyle is the fact that this Bob hairdo will flatter almost every hair type and facial shape.

Meg Ryan uses her Bob to perfection in allowing this trendy hairstyle to help her natural curl show through. This is a great short haircut option for other women who have wavy or curly hair.

You however do not have to rush out to the salon and book an appointment for a permanent wave if you do not have natural curly hair.

A celebrity Bob hairstyle like Meg Ryan’s can be worn even on ladies with stick straight locks.

If the curl holds an appeal for you as part of the overall look, as long as you are willing to put the time and effort into your hair, you can have kinked tresses too.

Hair products such as styling gel used while scrunching your locks dry with a diffuser attachment will aid in promoting even the slightest amount of natural wave.

You can also opt to invest in a curling iron or a set of hot rollers if you desire a curly Bob hairstyle like Meg Ryan’s.

These options of course will take more time when styling than if you are working with hair that is curly by nature however, the choice is yours to make.

Meg’s fine to medium textured hair is ideal to hold this hairstyle in place. Not to mention the fact that her curly Bob plays up her facial features to perfection.

Although ideal for face shapes that are oval, triangular, square or oblong, as with all other Bob’s, it can be adapted to suit your own face shape and hair texture.

If you fall in love with Meg Ryan’s curly Bob hairstyle like countless other women have, book a visit with your beautician today.

Meg Ryan Haircut

Meg’s hair has been clipped into an angled Bob with layers throughout. Her length has been left at chin level for styling option while the ends were cut in a manner a to offer as much body and texture to the style as possible.


Styling Steps - Meg Ryan Bob Hairstyle
Style Hair Steps A golf ball sized amount of mousse can be run through washed and towel dried tresses with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps With the end of your comb, create a right part starting at the center of your right eye and working backward.
Style Hair Steps While drying with a diffuser attachment, scrunch your hair with your hands lifting at the roots for maximum volume. Allow a touch of moisture to remain in your hair by stopping the blow drying process before it is fully complete.
Style Hair Steps Pinch and piece the ends of your locks with your fingers and a dab of gel.
Style Hair StepsIf you have bangs, style them forward using your fingers and a bit of gel.
Style Hair Steps Use a generous misting of hairspray for hold.


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