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Medium Wavy Hairstyle For Women Over 50

Featuring Christine Ebersole

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As one of Broadway’s brightest stars, Christine Ebersole is a mature women who’s casual waves bring her even more attention than her sensational singing and dancing.

Christine Ebersole makes the most of her natural waves with this medium wavy hairstyle that is incredibly becoming to her facial features.

Her wide set eyes and generous mouth are flattered by this soft, easy to manage hairstyle.

There are many layers through Christine’s hairstyle that make her waves stand out and appear gentle and smooth.

Natural waves are lovely as they can be pumped up or played down with relative ease depending on your hairstyling mood. Christine Ebersole’s side swept bangs frame the side of her face subtly adding a soft youthfulness to her finished look.

This is a great way for the mature woman to take years off of her appearance.
Enjoy, this medium wavy hairstyle

style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products ideal for your own hair type

Towel dry and detangle with a wide tooth comb

Fill your palm with styling mousse and work the product evenly through damp strands

Attach a diffuser to your dryer to prevent frizz.

Blow dry your hair in small sections using your fingers to gently scrunch and tousle your hair while drying to offer volume and the production of waves

Lift your hair through the crown with your fingers while drying so you can add some height to your hair.

Your bangs should be directed to the side to offer the subtle sweep that adds the youthfulness to this style

Rub a small dab of styling pomade between your palms and then run your hands from the middle of your hair down to the ends to keep your locks free of frizz and to add even more definition to your waves

Mist very lightly with hair spray for an element of control without making your hair stiff and sticky


Christine Ebersole

Medium Wavy Hairstyle
Christine Ebersole

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