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Medium Shaggy Haircuts ~ Try Jesse Spencer's Style

medium shaggy haircutsMedium length hair is often touted as being the best possible choice as you are offered numerous styling options without being overburdened with too much hair.

A men’s medium shaggy cut looks fantastic, but it does not come without a certain amount of work. This means that if you have zero desire to fuss with your hair, something a little more scaled back might be a good idea.

Make no mistake, it is not hard to style men’s medium shaggy hair, they just take a few moments of time and a touch of hair product for a great end result.

Many of Hollywood’s current heartthrobs are wearing men’s medium shaggy haircuts both on and off of the set. Take Jesse Spencer, one of the stars of the hit show House, he looks smashing in his medium shaggy haircut.

You too can wear men’s medium shaggy haircut like Jesse Spencer’s; there are just a few factors that you will need to take into consideration.

For starters, visit a stylist who you can openly communicate with clearly. They will tell you what type of men’s medium shaggy haircuts are best suited for your hair type and condition.

Men's Shaggy Hair

jessie spencers hairMake sure that they stylist informs you of what products were used in your hair and if you are not certain how they styled your locks, ask questions and for advice until you know you will be comfortable doing your hair yourself at home.

Despite your hair type, you will be able to come up with a men’s medium shaggy haircut that will suit you, even if it is not the exact same style as Jesse Spencer’s.

For example, if your locks are wavy, a men’s medium shaggy cut that brings out your natural wave will look smashing.

Hair products are also essential as they will determine what the finished result of your hairstyle looks like.

If you’re a touch more conservative and are unsure about wearing a men’s medium shaggy haircut, keep in mind that shaggy does not mean an out of control mess.

When you visit your stylist, request a cut that is somewhat choppy, not completely uniform and has tapered end.

You will also want to ensure that there are numerous layers both in the front and the back to create the shaggy look that you are after.

The layers should be long however as shorter layers may cause frizz in certain hair types.

For those with fine to medium hair without wave, razoring is often essential for implementing texture into your style.


Medium Shaggy Haircuts
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Styling Steps - Men's Shaggy Haircuts


style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type

style steps Apply a generous dollop of styling mousse through your hair with your fingers

style steps Put your hair in place with a comb but use your fingers to tussle slightly

style steps Allow to dry naturally or blow dry on a medium setting messing your hair slightly with your fingers

style steps Hair wax can be used to piece the ends of your locks

mens medium shag

A men’s medium shag haircut is an exceptional choice when you’re seeking a fun, laid back look for your locks


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