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Medium Length Layered Makeover

medium layered hair makeover

From Tame to Sophisticated Medium length Flair

Medium length layered hair is one of the most fashionable hairstyles that women sport today. It is short enough not to require too much pampering and maintenance, but long enough to retain that sense of femininity that all men look for. Of course, the modern-day woman needs to be sensible with her fashion and (hair) style choices, but she should not be too unmindful as to sacrifice the grace and charm that is natural in all women for the sake of convenience.

teens medium length layered hair after makeoverSporting medium length layered hair can be fashionable and, at the same time, be a low maintenance 'do, as the model featured above has discovered. Her hair used to look limp and poorly-maintained, especially with those flyaway strands that deviate from the, otherwise, flat look. Flyaway hair is common in hairstyles that are medium in length and are not regularly styled.

To avoid this "neglected" look, the model worked with a stylist to create a style with medium length layers that can be done in minutes but will produce the look of a 'do that seems to be worked on by a stylist for extended periods.

The first thing to do to make the look unique is to change the position of the "dividing line". As you can see, the model used to divide her hair on the right side. To add character and a sense of expert makeover work, the line was transferred to the left side of the model's head.

The next thing to do was to flair up the ends of the hair for the flyaway strands to appear 'intended' and part of the new hairstyle. With this feature of the hairstyle, the model no longer needs to worry about flyaway hair that can spoil her cultivated new look.

Lastly, the bangs from the left side are swept to the other side and are made to flare away from the face, giving an expert designer touch that can easily be achieved by using hair mousse and a fine-toothed comb.

The result is a flattering hairstyle with flyaway and bangs accents that would make people look you over more than once.

Style Steps

  • The flyaway look and designer bangs would set well on clean and oil-free hair, so make sure to shampoo your hair thoroughly before styling it up.
  • Towel dry your hair until it is no longer damp but cool to the touch.
  • Line the new location of the “dividing line” and part the hairs neatly, until the body of your hair rests closely near your face and neck.
  • Starting at the back part of your hair, roll the brush with an outward motion to encourage the flyaway look.
  • Next is to sweep the bangs from your left side to the right. Use a fine toothed comb so the bangs look naturally placed.
  • Set the bangs by using hair gel or mousse and comb through to achieve the hard, bladed bang-look.
  • Set the flyaway looks of the body of your hair by using a curling iron. If you have the heating iron, heat up the ends of the hair while holding the heating iron at a horizontal angle, away from your face.

    Enjoy, Medium Length Layered Hair

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Updated December 1, 2011

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