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Medium Bob Hair For Mature Women

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Featuring Diane Sawyer's Polished Bob Hairstyle

Diane Sawyer’s polished medium bob hair is ideal for the office. This is the precise hairstyle that women of a mature age should choose if they want a hairdo that is easy to care for and gives off a professional vibe.

There however, is a completely different side to Diane Sawyer's medium bob hair style. This is a look that makes a mature woman look and feel years younger, it positively radiates sensuality and sexiness.

The length of Diane’s polished Bob hairstyle is allowed to fall ever so slightly below her shoulders with the top and sides having been snipped with layers which provide her hairdo with shape and character.

Diane’s side part, is a wonderful way to make a long or thin face appear wider as it will give you the appearance of having more width to your face than you actually do.
Enjoy, Medium Bob Hair







style steps hairstyles for older women

On freshly washed hair, spritz spray gel on your roots and then apply a small amount of sculpture lotion evenly throughout damp hair with your fingers

With the edge of a comb, work from the center of your left eye and work your way back until you have a left part that you are happy with

Use a round brush and blow dry the back of your hair under starting at the nape and directing your ends slightly under. When drying your sides, pull them forward towards your face with the ends being worked under. Lift your roots at the crown while drying to offer your style both volume with a hint of softness

When it comes to drying your bangs, work from underneath your hair and start drying at the roots and pull the brush down towards your ends and off to the side of your choice

Once your hair is dry, gently back comb at the crown, working from the roots and continue around to the sides until you have the height you want

With your fingers, apply some hair wax throughout the ends working down so your left with a sculptured style, for a messier look work the ends into different directions. The mid-length can be waxed slightly too to offer texture. Also use a small amount of the styling wax on your roots, lifting gently for volume

Mist lightly with a medium hold hairspray for to keep your style in place without weighing your locks down.

cutting medium bob hair

cutting tips for this style
Layers are cut to top and sides, length is kept just above shoulders


Medium Bob Hair For Mature Women - September 12, 2009

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