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Medium Black Hairstyles, A Sleek Bob

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Although seemingly always popular, Bob hairstyles are making an even bigger comeback and medium black hairstyles are showing this to be very true. Countless African American women looking for medium black hairstyles are embracing the Bob with a vengeance and for good reason!

The Bob is a timeless, classic hairstyle that looks good on practically everyone and is easy to take care of and suitable no matter what your lifestyle or personality is like.

Medium black hairstyles that feature a Bob are the perfect choice for busy woman, laid back women, if you have a fiery personality or fall somewhere into a quieter range. It really does not matter what life throws at you, when you have a medium hairstyle based on the ever loved Bob, it seems that you can face anything and no matter what else may be going on- your hair is guaranteed to look sensational!

Just take a look at your favourite television program, glance at the red carpet or flip through a fashion magazine and your bound to see some of your beloved female celebrities sporting medium Bob hairstyles. One of the reasons that medium black hairstyles are so popular is that they are almost limitless in the versatility that they offer- which is a very important element for a haircut to provide.

With more styling options available to you than when you wear your hair clipped very short and less care needed than when you let your locks grow long- medium hairstyles seem to offer you the best of the hair care world! This medium bob style could really not be easier to take care of and to achieve. It is basic, it is easy- yet it offers an abundance of styling options, variations and has a trendy sophistication that can simply not be beat.

With minimal layering if any, straight across, slightly rounded bangs and even ends, this is a basic haircut with flair. It can be worn as is anywhere that you want, or, you can play it up if you wish and have as much fun with your hair as you like. Dressing this hairstyle up now and again would be an incredibly simple venture with astounding results. Something as basic as a headband either with, or without wearing the bangs down would be breathtaking.

Or, you could use some simple- or adventurous hair barrettes to pull the sides back for a dramatic finish for a formal occasion. You could even use hot rollers or a curling iron to create luscious waves or tempting curls for a special night on the town. However, as stated, wearing this medium Bob style in its standard simplicity would be more than beautiful enough!

Styling Steps Featured Style

Wash your hair with products designed for African American Hair.

Towel dry gently and detangle with a wide tooth comb.

Apply some styling mouse or gel throughout damp hair with your fingers.

Use a rounded brush and your hair dryer set on medium and work in small sections while drying. Start at the top and work your way down towards the ends rolling slightly under as you go.

If necessary, use a large barrelled curling iron to roll the ends of your hair and bangs under to create that extra roll under.

Mist gently with spray shine for a high gloss finish. You can also lightly spritz some soft hold hairspray on to control fly away strands but to still allow for movement.

Enjoy, medium black hairstyles


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