Mature Womens Eyeliner

Mature womens eyeliner can be one of the trickiest makeup tools that women use. For youngsters, choosing eyeliner that suits them can be a breeze. However, this is not the case when it comes to a mature womens eyeliner.

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Of course, older women cannot use eyeliners with shimmer or those tinted with light, vibrant colors. They are confined to more mature colors. It is quite difficult to look versatile even in old age if there are certain color restrictions.

If you classify yourself as a woman that has aged gracefully but still wants to look her best, you will find this article very useful in helping you pick the right kind of eyeliner for older women like you.

There is nothing wrong with aging gracefully; you just have to look your best at all times so you are always appreciated by your man and the other people important in your life.

Here are a few guidelines to follow that can help you decide which eyeliner would be best for you depending on your skin color, hair color, outfit, and the occasion.

4 Ways To Pick Mature Womens Eyeliner

1. By Your Skin Color

The first thing that comes to mind when picking makeup in general and eyeliner for mature women in particular is the user's skin tone. Do you have fair or dark skin?

You know for a fact that people with fair skin cannot use light-toned eyeliners because these are useless, especially if you are blonde. The same thing goes with dark skinned individuals wearing brown or black eyeliners.

Choose something that is noticeable AND flatters your eyelashes and eye colors. Then, try to determine if the eyeliner shade you chose works well with your hair color -- the next factor to consider.

2. By Your Hair Color 

Older women tend to have graying or lightening hair. Do not feel bad if your hair starts to turn gray or even white. Some people do not want to deal with this and color their hair, while some let themselves age gracefully and surprisingly look good in white locks.

If you chose to gracefully age, use this to your advantage and use youthful eyeliners. Yes, shimmery gold or silver eyeliners will work wonders with white hair.

For gray hair, muted colors also look good. This is one advantage of letting nature run its course; the white and gray colors of age can match well with youthful makeup colors that you were not able to use in your twenties and thirties.

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3. By Your Outfit

Outfits may have been the primary consideration in choosing the makeup that would match with them, but it is no longer the case when you have aged.

It is more of a simple checking whether or not the eyeliner reflects the color of the outfit or not. You cannot match a violet suit with violet eyeliners. Going for neutral shades such as black, grey, brown, and gold are all you have.

No worries though, because these colors are called neutral because they can easily match up with any other color, outfit colors included. It can be said that these neutral colored shades are the best mature womens eyeliner choice.

4. By The Occassion

The rules on choosing mature womens eyeliner based on the occasion are pretty much the same as when you were younger.For social and glittery events, you can use glamorous, even shimmery eyeliners. But for muted occasions, opt for more neutral eyeliner colors.

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