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Billionaire widow Barbara Davis is not just worth a lot of money, this sophisticated lady looks like a million dollars - at least!

Whether she is attending a charity event or just spotted having dinner with a friend, Barbara Davis always has her hair immaculately styled.

In every sense of the word, Barbara Davis is a lady and a perfect model for an elegant mature women.

Choose A Style That Flatters

Barbara Davis is just one of the many women over sixty that has not bought into the old school thinking of cutting your locks super short once you reach a certain age.

In fact, Barbara has made the wise decision of choosing a hairstyle that flatters her and sticking with that look.

Do not let anything other than your own personal sense of style dictate how you should wear your locks.

If you have found a hairstyle that makes you look great, wear your style with pride.

Barbara Davis’s hairstyle can be classified as somewhat of a Bob. Barbara’s elegant Bob style contains a lot of volume and height.

This is ideal for women who have very fine to medium textured locks.

When you sport your locks with a style such as Barbara’s your fine hair will be given the illusion of containing a lot more volume than it actually does.

Barbara Davis
Her Hair Color, Champaigne

Featuring Barbara Davis

This elegant style is swept back off of the face to wonderfully show off your features.

If you have an oval, heart, oblong, square or diamond face shape you should easily be able to wear this graceful hairstyle.

When she attended the 13th Annual Race to Erase MS benefit, Barbara looked incredible as she always does.

Her hair was styled to perfection and her locks had been tinted a glorious Champaign shade.

You should not feel that you have to let nature take its course when it comes to the color of your hair.

However, as you age, you should definitely consider sticking to gentle hair hues, as they will be softer against your complexion.

Style Steps

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your specific hair type
  • Towel dry gently and work a dollop of mousse through your locks with your fingers
  • Detangle with a wide toothcomb. Use the end of your comb and starting from the middle of your left eye work backwards until you have made an even left part
  • You will want to use a medium round brush while drying
  • A medium round brush will work wonders on ensuring your locks are smooth
  • You will want to dry the back of your tresses under starting at the nape of your necks
  • The sides of your hair will be dried out and back at the top and under on the bottom
  • When it comes to your crown, lift and dry for as much volume as possible
  • Roll your hair under with large hot rollers everywhere except for the very front and sides which you roll back
  • When you have removed the curlers, backcomb at your roots for even more body and height
  • A very small amount of smoothing shine can be applied from the middle of your head down to the ends
  • Mist very liberally with hairspray

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Mature Womens Elegant Hairstyle
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