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Mature Womans Bob Makeover

mature woman after bob makeover

Look Sassy And Young

As a maturing woman, it is important to know and understand that a sassy, young look can be achieved through a hair makeover.

Many hairstyles can bring out the beauty of your facial features, as well as your build.

One of the sassiest and stylish looks when it comes to hairstyles for mature women is the ever-popular bob hairstyles.

Here, you will be introduced to the styling strategies behind this chic bob makeover.

If you are looking to completely change your look, and feel better about yourself, you should try this modern style.

Your Color

If you are like most maturing women, you probably have some natural gray or white shining through in your hair.

One of the biggest mistakes that many maturing women make is coloring their hair in bright, bold colors that complimented them in their youth.

As we age, our hair and bodies adjust appropriately. In order to ensure optimal beauty, it is always best to stay natural.

Show that white and gray off with pride! It reflects your beauty, your aging features, as well as a little older wisdom to boot. Wear your natural hair color and wear it well.

Your Cut

In order to achieve this style you should either cut your hair or have your hair cut so that it meets the middle of your neck or the bottom of your chin.

If you are slender built, it is best to cut the hair to meet the chin. If you are a larger build, it is best to cut the hair to about the middle of the neck.

If you have your hair cut by professional, all that you will need to tell them is that you want a "bob” haircut that either meets the chin, or the middle of the neck – depending on your preference according to the body build that you have.

Once you have achieved the cut that is needed for this mature makeover, you are ready to go home and perform the styling steps to your right required to achieve the optimal look.

Sassy And Stylish Results

mature woman before bob makeover

Styling Steps

style steps The first thing that you should do to achieve this hairstyle is wash your hair and pat dry with a towel.

You should then spray in some leave in conditioner in order for the hair to retain its shine and sparkle.

style steps Once you have achieved this, you should take some mousse and place a generous amount in one hand. Then, take both hands and mix it.

Once you have done this, disperse it throughout all of the hair. It is important to touch every strand of hair so that all of it will style properly.

style steps The next thing that you will need to do is to take a radial type brush and get out the blow dryer.

It is important to dry the hair under so that it loops towards the inside of the face. If you prefer to blow dry the ends of the hair outward this can work too.

It all depends on the style that you are attempting to achieve.

To spice things up a little, you may select one hairstyle for one day and another hairstyle the next day. This helps to keep it interesting.

style steps Once this has been achieved, it is time to hair spray the hair.

You are now ready to sport the bob hairstyle that you just created, Enjoy!

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Mature Womens Bb Makeover
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