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Mature Male Celebrity Hair

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Mature males in Hollywood are looked up to and their hairstyles copied by men of all ages and from every walk of life.

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There are so many different hairstyles that mature male celebrities can wear and look fabulous in. Men are not as limited by gender when it comes to hairstyles as they may have once believed.

The modern mature male celebrity knows that he can look fashionable in a range of different looks and that there is absolutely no reason to hold themselves to one hairstyle at all times.

Mature males can wear their hair long or short, tapered or with layers, coloured, streaked or even allow it to naturally turn grey with ease and style. Mature male celebrity hair is often subjected to styling products and coiffed with tools that were once believed to be just for their female counterparts.

No longer does the mature male celebrity need to fear others knowing that he using mousse, gel, a blow-dryer or any one of the numerous hair styling aids that are out there.

In fact, many companies are creating products specifically for males and their hair care needs to keep mature male celebrity hair looking its best.

If you are a mature male in need of a new hairstyle and are not sure what to pick, looking through pictures of mature male celebrity hair pictures can give you numerous different ideas and options.


Aidan Quinn Hairstyle


aiden quinn hair

Aidan Quinn Hair

A short cropped style helps make thinning hair appear thicker. Ruffling through the front and crown adds fullness to help hide any thinning that is taking place.


Mature Male Celebrity Hair

Al Pacino Hairstyle

al pacino hair

Al Pacino Hair

Even though Pacino's hair has greyed at the temples, he can still wear his fine hair a little longer and remain one of the best looking Hollywood Celebrities.


Mature Male Celebrity Hair

Dolph Lundgren Hairstyle


dolph lundgren hairstyle Dolph Lundgren Hair
A good style for men with a strong square jaw or facial features, try this short cropped cut that you can slightly spike for a updated look


Jon Voight Hairstyle

jon voight hair

Jon Voight Hair

Slicked back and sophisticated, Voight's style works well for a mature man wanting to wear his hair a little longer. Trick is to have hair clipped short at the back.


Michael Douglas Hairstyle


michael douglas hair

Michael Douglas Hair
Michael Douglas keeps his natural salt and pepper color instead of coloring his now mature hair. The look is polished, but still youthful.

Robert De Niro Hairstyle

robert de niro hair

Robert De Niro Hair

If you want a youthful look that is fun and esy to maintain try De Niro's short cropped style with layers. An easy style for an older man to maintain.


Steve Buscemi Hairstyle

steve buscemi hair

Steve Buscemi Hair

A longer layered style brushed to the side helps lead the eye away from the forehead and a receding hair line


Mature Male Celebrity Hair



Mature Male Celebrity

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