Mature Makeup Application

Mature makeup application needs a few tools and a few tricks to conceal aging and have you appear naturally vibrant and younger. Learn how to make your makeup work for you.

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There are many different products available on the market today that fight against the signs of aging. While each of these products has their benefits, there are other methods that you can use to simply conceal aging. 

One of these methods is through the use of makeup. Here, I will share with you some essential strategies to making the best use of your makeup when it comes to hiding the visible signs of aging. 

Makeup Tools Needed

The first thing that you will need to do in order to make certain that your makeup works for you is to gather a few simple supplies.

You will need to get together a makeup brush that is round and on the large side, as well as a latex makeup sponge. 

Next, you will need some liquid foundation. The foundation should match your natural skin tone. In addition to this, you will want to gather some makeup powder and a little bit of liquid highlighter. 

Now, you will need to get some cleaning supplies. You can normally purchase wipes that focus on facial cleansing that are relatively inexpensive. It is just important to look for those that naturally tone the skin and also do not contain alcohol. Alcohol can be especially harsh on mature skin. 

Now, some moisturizer, skin primer, and a bronzer. You will also want a concealer pen that reflects the light. 

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Mature Makeup Application

Mature Makeup Application

Mature makeup application starts with skin preparation. Cleanse your face and neck area rinsing well.

Once you have cleaned your skin, use your toner to naturally tone and condition. Next apply moisturizer and give it a few minutes to penetrate.

Now that your skin is cleaned, moisturized, and toned, it is time to apply the skin primer. Using a primer will give you more even coverage and help your makeup last longer.

Now, you are ready to apply your liquid foundation which will assist in covering age spots, unsightly visible blood vessels, and even out skin tone.

It is important that you take the time to thoroughly blend foundation using the makeup sponge blending well at the jaw line. 

You can cover any dark spots on your face and under your eyes using the concealer pen that reflects light. It is best to apply this with your finger so that you do not put a lot of strain on the sensitive skin in your eye area. 

Now, you will want to apply your eye shadow, and blush. It is best to use colors that are close to the natural skin color of your skin. Once this has been done, simply set with a translucent powder.

Finish with your bronzer using a large round brush, apply to your cheeks and also lightly to your neck, nose, and forehead for a natural glow.

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