Mature Eye Makeup

These mature eye makeup tips can help you give your eyes a lift in just minutes. Your eyes are a vital aspect to your appearance. The eyes have often been referred to as the "reflection of the soul", "the mirror to the soul", and even "the windows of the soul". 

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This shows just how important they are to the overall personality and appearance of an individual. If you are a mature woman, your eyes are especially important. Unfortunately, mature eyes can often experience sagging. This is due to the natural aging process.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that this issue can be reversed. Here, I will provide you with details on how to lift your mature eyes.  All it takes is a few supplies and a little bit of time, and you too can achieve natural, youthful looking eyes. 

Makeup Supplies Needed

In order to bring about the natural lift that your eyes need to appear healthy and youthful, it will become necessary to gather a few essential supplies. Listed below are the items that will be needed to accomplish this task:

  • First, it is ideal to get some liquid foundation that matches your skin tone. 
  • Next, you should look to see if you have any translucent powder highlighter lying around as it would be beneficial to the project at hand. 
  • Now, you will want to take a look at your makeup supplies. You will want to pull out an eye shadow brush, a small makeup sponge, a small cotton ball, and an eyelash curler. I know it sounds like a lot, but it will help in lifting mature eyes. 
  • Now, look over your eye shadow and pull out a color that is medium in color. An excellent choice would be a light to medium brown, or a copper color. 
  • You will also want to pull out your supply of eye pencils. Look for one that is a light brown color. 
  • Next, we will want to get black colored mascara out. 
Soft Mature Eye Makeup

Mature Eye Makeup Technique 

The first thing that you will want to do is apply the liquid foundation to your face. It is important to ensure that you also apply this to the area of the eyes. Once this step is complete, go ahead and put a little eye shadow on the eyes.

Now, remember that makeup sponge you got out? You will want to take that and dip it in the powder. You should then take this and apply it from the base of the eye to the top of the eye. This helps smooth out the skin in the area of the eye. 

Next, take your eye pencil and start on the inside of the lid at the top and outline outwards. You should outline the top and bottom of the eye with the pencil. 

Now, the trick is, when you get to the outside kind of draw up the line. This will bring about the physical appearance that the eyes are lifted. 

Now, it is time to reapply some eye shadow to increase the effect of the endeavor to lift mature eyes. 

Now, you should take that eyelash curler, and perform the curling step. Once this is done, simply allow to dry, and curl again. 

Once you have performed these easy mature eye makeup steps, you will have naturally beautiful and youthful looking eyes! 

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