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Martine McCutcheon Hairstyle ~ Upstyle Success

martine mccutcheon hairstyle updoMany famous names have displayed a number of trend setting hairstyles. One of these such figures is that of Martine McCutcheon. This individual normally exhibits a style that consists of long, wavy curls that highlight her natural and beautiful smile; however, she has been captured in successful Upstyles as well.


Updo For Thick Wavy Hair


Martine McCutcheon Hairstyle
Here, you can see Martine McCutcheon displaying one of her popular, exquisite Upstyles.

I will share with you the styling secrets that this famous name hairstylist uses in order to achieve this fabulous do. If you want bold and beautiful, this is definitely the way to go!

style steps If you want to create an enticing Upstyle with long, wavy hair, you may find it a bit of a challenge. This is basically because any time that an individual has hair that has thickness associated with waves, it is often difficult to maintain all strands so that they are evenly pulled back.

However, it is quite possible to do. The first thing that you will want to do is thoroughly wash and condition the hair. This will ensure that all the hair products that have been previously used in the hair are completely removed. This makes the hair more manageable during the styling process.

style steps Once you have completely washed and conditioned the hair, it is now time to add a little smoothness to it. You can easily do this by purchasing and applying either a hair detangle product or a leave in conditioner product. You should completely moisten each strand of hair thoroughly when applying this type of hair product.

style steps Once you have applied this hair product, it is now time to pull out a towel and dab it against each strand of hair. The purpose of this step is to remove any additional moisture that may be left behind. As you dab the hair, it is important to do so in such a matter that it kind of lifts the hair towards the head.

style steps Once the excess moisture has been eliminated from the hair, it is time to pull out the pick that you use and go through the hair sweeping in a downward motion. This helps to sort of straighten out the waves so that you can manage the hair more easily when sweeping it in an Upstyle fashion.

style steps Now, it is time to gather a few supplies. These supplies should consist of bobby pins, berets, and clips. Once you have gathered these supplies, it is important to also pull out your diffuser. You will need this a bit later, but it is a good idea to have it prepared ahead of time.

style steps Now, you will want to take a comb, and sweep the hair towards the back side of your head. You can elect whether you want it high on the back of the head, the middle of the head, or on the lower end of the head. However, with hair that is long and wavy, it is often best to pull it back high on top of the head. This maximizes the appearance of the specific features of your hair.

style steps As you pull it back, use the bobby pins in order to hold the sides in place. You will then want to take the hair and kind of twist it in your hands. Once this is done, you will simply want to place the clip on it to hold it in place, and you are done!
Enjoy, A Martine McCutcheon Hairstyle



Martine McCutcheon Hairstyle

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