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Marilyn Monroe Makeup

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Marilyn Monroe was an absolute legacy when it came to fashion and beauty. One of the main things that stood out about this famous personality was the way that she wore her makeup.

Here, I will outline some basic steps on how to achieve the same look that Marilyn Monroe had when it came to the way that she wore her makeup.

You can use this look everyday, or just on special occasions. This is entirely up to you!

I will outline the steps that you must take in order to achieve this luxurious look and what you do with it is entirely your decision.

Eye Foundation

The foundation is an important aspect of Marilyn Monroe makeup look. Before starting, you will need a few supplies. First, gather up a brush that is flat and some eye shadow that is white in color.

style steps You should dip the flat brush in the white eye shadow, and then apply it to the eyelid. It is important that you place this eye shadow all over the entire eye – up to the eye brow area.

style steps Once the eye shadow has been placed, it is important to gather up some matte powder that is white in color and apply it to the entire eyelid area on each eye.

Light colors have proven to be quite effective when it comes to adding luster and brightness to the eyes. This is part of the reason why Marilyn Monroe’s makeup always seemed to sparkle.


The eyebrows are an important feature when it comes to achieving the Marilyn Monroe look. It is important to ensure that the eyebrows are strongly defined. You can achieve this by doing the following:

style steps First, you will want to take a brow pencil that is taupe in color, and apply it to the eyebrows. If the taupe doesn’t go well with your eyebrows, search for a color that does.

You want to ensure that you work to ensure that the color of the pencil and the color of the brows are maintained appropriately.

style steps When applying the product to the eyebrows, it is important to use a brush that is flat edged if possible. Many individuals prefer pencils, but a brush is better to ensure that the looks of Marilyn’s eyebrows are achieved.

If you use a pencil, be certain that the color is swept up to ensure success in definition of the brows.

style steps If you must shape the brows before applying the brow powder or brow pencil, simply take some tweezers and ensure that the inner side of the brows are thicker than the outer sides.

The outer sides should be kept thin and should go outwards.

Eye Shadow

Now, it is time to enhance the appearance of the eyes through the use of eye shadow. Follow the steps below to optimize the appearance of the eyes:

style steps First, you will want to take what is called a "blending brush” and apply an eye shadow that is charcoal in color to the crease that resides in the eyelid. Start on the outside of the eye and move inwards.

It is important to sort of blend in an upward direction.

You should use motions that are circular in nature to maximize the appearance of the eye. This is a very productive method of blending colors that are contrast together thoroughly.

style steps Now, it is time to take black eye shadow and apply to the upper eyelid.

You should start in the center of the eye and with a fine brush simply sweep outwards. The easiest way to do this is to try to aim for the lash line.

style steps Make certain that the line goes just past the outer corner of the eye. You should then allow it to extend to the brow bone in the lid. This creates the dramatic appearance that many famous personalities sport.

style steps Now, you will want to take this same brush and color and go to the bottom lid. You should start in the middle of the eye and work your way out.

style steps Be certain that both the top line and the bottom line are blended in to create a smooth appearance.

style steps Now, take a pink colored light eye shadow and place it on the area between the eyebrow and the bone of the brow.

style steps This color should continue to be swept down into the inner corner of the eye. The entire inside corner should be completely highlighted with pink coloring.

Style Inspiration


Now, it is time to work with mascara.

style steps Take a black colored mascara and apply it to the upper eye lashes.

style steps You will want to apply in a way that is from the top to bottom, and do the top side as well as the bottom side.

style steps Be sure to wiggle the wand of the mascara back and forth to ensure that the lashes do not clump and that they appear thick and defined.

style steps You should do this to both the top and the bottom eyelashes.

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False Lashes

One thing that really defined Marilyn Monroe’s look was the ever-popular false eyelashes. Here, I will share with you some tips on how to apply these.

style steps First, you should take the false lashes and measure them to fit your eye. These little units come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, so this is a very important step.

style steps Cut the false lashes so that they start in the middle of the eye and extend out to the outer area of the eye. This will ensure that volume is added where volume is needed most.

style steps Now, you will want to take some adhesive and very carefully apply it to the base of the fake eyelashes. It is important to NEVER apply adhesive to the eyes.

style steps Now, take your black eye shadow and apply it to the eyes near the false lashes once more. This should go from the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye.

marilyn monroes make up look

Concluding Steps For Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Look

style steps Take the charcoal eye shadow and apply it to the crease of the eye lid once more, in the same manner you did previously.

style steps Next, apply some pink blush to the cheeks to highlight this area of the face.

style stepsNow, it is time to take a rose colored lip pencil and line the lips, once completed, place a deep red lipstick on the lips.

style steps Now, take a gel pencil, black in color, and apply the famous "mole” within the laugh line.

Now, you look like Marilyn Monroe – add the wig, and you are ready to go!

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