Marilyn Monroe Hairstyles


“Tonight I cried because it’s never the end. It won’t happen. We the human species are so intelligent and we do such astonishing things.
We can fly to the moon but we still do stupid things,” Sturdy said. “So when I see the film tonight, I see it with a certain kind of sadness.
Because what happened back then in 1940, it’s not the end.”
Ken Sturdy 

Ken Sturdy
with respect and admiration may we have the honour of saluting you all.
Of praying for you on a bent knee, and always to remember you
To those who stood behind you, to those who stood beside you, and to those who
will need to stand proudly and bravely in front of you
Thank you

In the U.K.-  How We Remember
In the U.S. -  US Department  Of Veterans Affairs
In Canada  - Canadian Legion
Google your Country .... 
Attend the yearly ceremonies - donate - support - buy and wear  a Poppy 
No premiers needed - they have been there

Keep Calm
and love

Another Goddess

A million pics of Marilyn Monroe. There was no  Marilyn Monroe. 
There was Norma Jean. Hollywood, the media, and fans, like you, create MM.
Idolized to the point of being called Goddesses.
Where are so many of them now, talent and life gone years before it should.

Princess Diana, they only wanted one more picture, get over it.

So many come wanting Celebrity hairstyles. styles that have been worn 20 years before the star was born, the makeup, the clothes.
Anything and everything. 

All the pics of glamour and diamonds,  people around the world are starving, some are scared, many are facing fires.
Things are wrong, help make them better.
Ask KJ.  how, maybe all it takes is a Pepsi. Ask Pepsi.

Please view my homepage, you may see why this was done,

There are two buttons on P. Follow and Unfollow.

Yours may increase beyond your dreams, or you may check one day soon and have 0 Followers.

Across all your boards. That will not be up to me.

So thumbs up - thumbs down.
I think I have a few Friends left and I am making a lot of new ones.

To some, who have left unsuitable pics for me, for oh marilyn, and especially those ones for BC Wildfires 2017

I am thinking, what would  I want Walking Dead's Negan say to me right now?

“You got some beach-ball-sized lady nuts coming in kamikaze like that.”

(I do have nuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds, just going to make some cookies now)
All women  do Negan, we just keep em in the pantry till we need them

What I hope Negan might say to you?

"I am going to shut that **** down right now, No exceptions"

So, how about this. Google B.C. Wildfires.
You owe everyone there an apology. and the P Community.
So, how about putting on a volunteer t shirt for a few months at your local animal shelter, food bank, blood donor clinic, or senior's center?
I will leave that with each of you.

Every Picture - Every One Who  Placed It - I Kept Them All
Cyber Bullying, Intimidation, or Harassment Is illegal.
You end it. or I start  it.

Crimestoppers Is GlobalCrime Stoppers Is Global

The F Bomb

Meryl Streep Pin "If I Had A Daughter"
Lesson learned, point taken


Look what she did in her life and how she used her influence.
Meryl Streep Said

Go Meryluh oh
Meryl Streep Saidoh, uh

Some of Navy Seal, The Marine, The Police Pins
Yes, they  have it as well.


Look what they did in their lives.

(I think if you ask their parents, F**K, may have been their first word spoken as a baby)

Maybe you have to EARN the right to say  F**K . Have you? or do you just post out of context pictures with it on it?

Just for the sake of being hurtful. And you did hurt some of those people.
See, before they had to be evacuated and many did lose their homes, pets, and businesses to the fires,

Some had Pin boards, they took their cells with them and as they sat in evacuation centers,
Some, looked through the main Pinterest page.

See my home page to see inside an actual center in Chilliwack.
and that is where someone sat and saw your submissions.

I do not care what you are into, never did. Until you aimed it at them.
Go to your rooms.
You are all grounded.
To get ungrounded, well, don't look at me.

There may be more than 2 sides to right and wrong, good and evil, maybe more than 8.
Maybe it's a ball and that's why we keep just kicking it around, back and forth.
For generations. For Centuries. 
Gad, what will it be like when we run out of water. And we will.

You P beautiful Inspirational P for me, you posted very sad p against me,
(some of the artwork was truly beautiful, it was how YOU used it that was not)
We will have a final battle, we may stand side by side or we may stand facing each other.
But we will each have eternity to think of  how we fought that battle and why it was  won.

The Devil whispered in my ear,
“You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear,

“I am the storm.”

All Art Is ConceptualALL art is conceptual, depends who is looking at it.

Calling all Angels

For the gals emailing me, nope I am no Angel, not my song at all.
Mine is actually, (for my own reasons)
Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel

Although Norma Jean, Amy Winehouse,  John Lennon, Michael, Whitney Houston, Chester Bennington,
Selena, Janis Joplin, Paul Walker and sooooooooooo many more were lost too soon for so many reasons,
(most alone)
I like to think each were in the arms of an angel at the time

No, they  did not win .....
There are simply no more updates, posts, or pins I could possibly use
that would mean more than the words of Ken Sturdy.

Hold That Thought

It is your turn now.....

Make A Difference

Use your voice quietly or as a storm to make a difference.
Educate people on how to make your community or the world a better place.
Put up a site about bullying and how to stop it.
How to conserve water or protect trees.
Why animal cruelty needs to be stopped.
How to volunteer in your community as  emergency volunteer.
How to lobby for more, and better paid first responders.
Bees, a travel site that shows the beauty of where you live,
What do you know, what is your passion, where is your voice.
You and I may be the next endangered species.

This is an affiliate link to my hosting company,
Solo Build It
they will take good care of you.
Any commissions earned go to Animal Rescue.

I want To Make A Difference

and that is what I saw in July 2017,
Now going to take some time to find what I learned,
And Then What I am  Going To Do With It

The P Community

I may not be able to place all those beautiful pins to my boards,
(behind in the ironing)

The birds, the animals,  the quotes, all the beauty that you found. And that you are.
I saw them all and  they touched my heart and will stay in my memory.
REALLY laughed at  some. You guys are so good.

2 of my boards were finished and I was not going to add any more images to them.
BC Wildfires 2017, the board it was how I saw it
Be Still, the board was how I needed to see it.


FAVS 2 of ALL,  every pin was a fav. 

Pin - Otters From The Other Slide is my new desktop background.

Cannot find Pin of sketch drawing, woman having a smoke, holding her pug. -

Note To Self, caution, your neighbours have boards.


Thanks, Tanna!