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Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes And Outfits

marilyn monroe platinum blond wig
marilyn monroe
marilyn monroe platinum blond wig

All About Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes

Gentlemen prefer blonds, or at least that's the impression that you might be left with after watching a Marilyn Monroe movie! Marilyn Monroe was the quintessential starlet of the fifties and with her wonderfully curvy hourglass figure and her signature platinum ringlets, its no wonder that she was such an icon of beauty, style and seduction.

marilyn monroe white dress

Whether you have a Halloween party, Hollywood or fifties theme party coming up, or you are simply curious about duplicating Marilyn Monroe's glamorous Hollywood style and look, you'll find that the monroe costumes are a good place to start, but that you certainly don't have to end there.

Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes And Outfits

The famous white dress that we so often imagine Marilyn Monroe in was her costume from one of her most well-known movies, The Seven Year Itch. In it, she is an innocent model and actress who is the object of admiration and imagination by her married neighbor, played by Tom Ewell.

In the movie, Marilyn Monroe's character is sweet and inadvertently seductive, and the white dress, with its swooping neckline and long but light skirt is a part of that.

You will find that this dress is flattering on almost any body shape and that the tailored bodice and the sweep of the skirt can leave you feeling as sweet and sassy as Monroe herself was during this movie.

For this look, she had the classic red, red lips that were part of her style and the dark brows, but for this movie, she definitely had a more natural look going on, so go easy on the makeup.

If you're after a more glamorous and deliberately seductive Marilyn Monroe look, you'll find that you can't go far wrong with her low-cut golden lame dress.

This is a dress that is designed to be carried off with glitz and assurance. This floor-length dress is designed to create a real taste of the fifties starlet and if you are looking for props to carry along with it, you won't go wrong with a matching clutch purse or a cigarette holder that you can gesture with!

Marilyn Monroe Hair And Wigs

When you are after great Marilyn costumes, remember that you should always think about your hair. If you don't have that head of perfect platinum curls, don't worry, she didn't either!

Her hair was dyed and many of her most famous looks were created with medium sized rollers and combined with pin curls that were placed at the nape of her neck and below her temples.

If you don't have the time or the inclination to try this on your hair, or if you know your hair just won't take it, think about purchasing a good wig; this will ensure that the styling stays in place and that you'll have a great hairstyle for your event!

Take some time and think about what it takes to do a really terrific Marilyn Monroe character. Glamor is all in the details, and this was something that she had in spades!
Enjoy, Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes!

Marilyn Monroe Dress Costumes

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