Marie Antoinette Costume Ideas

When you think about a Marie Antoinette costume, decadence, glamour, and a great wardrobe may come to mind.

You might think of the French court and the extravagances of Marie Antoinette, but you may also be thinking about Halloween or a theme party.

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Let Them Eat Cake: Finding the Best Marie Antoinette Costume

Halloween is a great time to break out some glitz and glamour, and nothing says decadent better than the perfect Marie Antoinette costume.

Whether you were enchanted by the movie from a few years ago, or you have always worshiped this paragon of outrageous taste and luxury, you'll soon find that raiding the wardrobe of Queen Antoinette is a great way to set yourself apart from all the of the nurses and kitty cats that are roaming around this Halloween.

When you are considering a Marie Antoinette costume, just keep in mind that if this fashionable lady had the opportunity to wear something, she did!

Think about taking advantage of a costume that lets you wear figure-flattering knickers along with a brocade and lace coat.

An attached vest will set off your curves beautifully, but don't forget that some good foundation undergarments will make an important difference as well. You will find that some costumes will go well with an underbust corset or a great push up bra.

If you are looking for something classier but just as sassy, consider a cut-away Marie Antoinette dress or gown.

You will find that the short full skirt is one that shows off your waist and your legs and that this is a great way to really flash some great garters.

Fancy Marie Antoinette Costumes

Marie Antoinette Shoe Ideas

Make sure that you get the shoes that go with the outfit; you can throw in a touch of the modern by slipping into some high heels or stilettos, or you can simply go with a charming period rendition of the shoes that she might have worn, complete with gilt buckles.

When you are looking to top off the picture, so to speak, don't hesitate to wear a Antoinette wig. When you look at the pictures, remember that no one naturally had hair like that.

Luckily, your Marie Antoinette wigs don't have to be made out of greasy horsehair; you'll find that there are plenty of modern renditions of the right style of wigs in the costume shop below..

Remember that when you are finishing off your Marie Antoinette fashion that no French aristocrat would have been seen without her face on, least of all Marie Antoinette!

To get an effect that is considered more accurate, you will want to work with a dead white base that is then overlaid with a rosy blush and very red lips.

This is going to look startling to a modern eye, so if you want to tone it down, go ahead and make the face a little less starkly pale.

The look that you are going for is as unnaturally perfect a complexion as you can get. You'll also find that you can apply some lovely false beauty spots as well.

In period, they were made with felt or velvet and could be glued to the skin, and they often came in shapes like diamonds or stars.

Take some time to think about what you are going to do this Halloween, and don't hesitate if you think that dressing as Marie Antoinette is something that you would love to do!

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