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Mandy's Bob

mandy moore long bob hairstyleThe adaptability of a Bob hairstyle can not be disputed and is completely unchallenged by any other haircut that is available for women.

Mandy Moore has stepped gracefully onto the Bob bandwagon and shows how lovely she looks in her version of this classic cut.

Throughout her brief yet brilliant years of fame, Mandy Moore has played with different looks, lengths of hair and even experimented with color.

She has definitely picked a winning combination this style change go around with her deep, dark locks snipped into a sassy Bob hairstyle.


mandy moore bob hairstyle




Mandy elects to wear her Bob haircut with plenty of layers infused throughout. Thick, full bangs are made even more stunning due to being offset by the sheen in her dark tresses.

With her thick hair and lengthy face, this is an ideal hairstyle for Mandy Moore to wear. She can allow her Bob to take her from a concert to an after-hours party with no problems at all.

Although you may not have the exact same type of lifestyle that Mandy Moore does, a versatile Bob hairstyle like this will no doubt appeal to you.

Regardless of your face shape and hair type, chances are you can pull off the exact same or a cut very similar to the Bob that Mandy has.

After all, the Bob is not known for being one of the most adaptable hairstyles for nothing! The good points of this layered Bob hairstyle seem endless; it is also an incredibly easy cut to style.

Very low maintenance, it requires only minimal work to keep in top shape. Is there anything better than a fuss free hairstyle that looks this striking?




Styling Steps - Mandy Moore's Long Bob Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps On freshly washed locks that have been thoroughly towel dried, hold a container of spray gel at least three inches from your head and mist lightly.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to distribute a small amount of sculpture lotion evenly throughout your tresses.
Style Hair Steps Starting at the middle of your left eye, use the end of your comb and drag backwards until you have created a neat, even, left part.
Style Hair Steps Section your hair and find your favorite round brush. Begin blow-drying the back of your hair out and under. Use this same process when drying the sides of your hair as well.
Style Hair Steps The top of your hair should be dried under. However, while working on the crown, lift at the roots to supply your hair with volume.

Style Hair Steps Your bangs should be dried forward and to the right; of course you can adjust this depending on how you wear your bangs.

Style Hair Steps With wax on your fingers, work from the middle of your hair, down to the ends at the back. This should also be done on the sides of your head. Make certain that you avoid using too much product, as you will be left with greasy tresses.
Style Hair Steps Wax should also be used to lift your roots and to gently pull your bangs to the right.
Style Hair Steps A moderate misting of hairspray will hold your layered Bob hairstyle in place.


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