Makeup Substitutes

We have all needed makeup substitutes at one time or another.

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Substitutes For Makeup Products

We all have those days when we rush out the door to a busy schedule and finally find a spare few minutes to check our makeup only to find we have left our cosmetics at home and those dull lips are going to have to stay dull during the meeting with the client or for our lunch date with our spouse.

We all know the tricks if we have at least some cosmetics with us. We have used lipstick dabbed lightly on a finger and rubbed into our cheeks very lightly to give them the red look of blush and we have used petroleum jelly as a lip gloss, but what of those moments when we have left the bag at home completely?

During our mother's and grandmother's era there were many techniques employed by ladies for those emergency moments when they needed to look their best and were not wearing makeup. Knowing these techniques and knowing how to successfully use them is not only a fun and interesting study, it will be potentially be extremely helpful to us personally.

Makeup Substitutes for the Busy Woman

If you need to do something to rejuvenate your tired looking eyes, use an old toothbrush and dip it into some olive oil and brush your eyelids with it. This will cause a wide eyed long lashed looks that will lift your whole face. Petroleum Jelly can be used on the eyelids to give them a shimmer and the same product on the eyebrows will make them shimmer in the light.

Using either oil or jelly on your nails will make them shine if you have not had time to put nail polish on your nails, and both will help give you soft and smooth hands.

Pinching the cheeks will make them red but for a more long term solution to leaving your blush at home, you can consider doing as your grandmother may have and buy some berries, crush them and use the juice to stain your lips. Coat with petroleum jelly once it dries and remember to use gloves on your hands when handling the berries.

Giving your hair a lift is as easy as putting on a little lotion or sunscreen. Brush through it with a comb and back brush it to help give it a temporary lift. It will make the hair oily and require a wash later in the day, but for a temporary volumizer it remains popular with many older ladies.

Budget Priced Substitutes for Expensive Make up

When your cash flow is low and the budget is tight, there are times when we have to rationalize our spending. Quality doesn't have to be sacrificed when choosing a makeup brand that is cheaper than our usual brand choices.

Many products are available that offer the same high quality you expect in your makeup but without the price tag. Rather than doing without a favorite make up essential, consider searching out a budget priced makeup substitute.

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Published September 6, 2011



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Every now and then it is fine to substitute products, but not a good idea to do so on a daily basis.