Makeup Magnifying Mirrors

Makeup magnifying mirrors may help you apply your makeup and cosmetics if you find it hard to see what you are doing. It is common knowledge that when people age, eyesight fails and we lose the precision as that of an eagle watching over its prey. To older women, it is not really a big concern if they cannot see where their grandson has gone to hide. 

A more immediate concern is when they can no longer pay attention to their bodies the way they used to. This is most obvious when women find it difficult to apply their makeup properly, especially since they cannot wear their glasses while touching up.

This is where using a magnifying mirror comes in. In instances where it is impossible to wear your eyeglasses to attend to facial matters, you can rely on makeup magnifying mirrors to help you see clearly and apply cosmetics properly without committing any errors at all.

This article is all about how you can use a magnifying mirror to help you apply makeup precisely and without errors. The three main types of magnifying mirror sets are discussed, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Desk Top Magnifying Mirrors

The desk-type is the magnifying mirror that is commonly found in salons and bedroom dressers. These are screwed on to the table or wall for stability and are often accompanied by a compact pen light. This type of mirror is ideal for home use as it is large enough for you to see your whole face clearly.

Portable Orbit Type Magnifying Mirrors

The portable orbit type is the most common form of magnifying mirrors you can find. These are small mirrors that have adjustable stands that can be placed atop work desks or other office spaces. This is ideal for use to people who work at a day job or constantly go to a specific area to stay there for a certain period of time.

Kosmetic Astoria Makeup Mirror

Kosmetic Astoria Makeup Mirror Finish: Polished Chrome

Compact Wallet Type Magnifying Mirrors

The last type of makeup magnifying mirrors is the compact wallet type. Such mirrors are usually encased in cloth, leather, or plastic and can be carried around conveniently in a small makeup kit.

This type of magnifying mirror is used on trips or whenever a lady has to go out for a few hours and is not able to check on her appearance with the regular desk-type mirror she has at home. 

Although very small, makeup magnifying mirrors of this kind are best appreciated because they are ideal for touch ups when you are outside your home.

All you have to do is to bring the mirror close to your face to inspect your makeup, and do the necessary touch ups to look your best once again. Some compact types come with small lights that can help illuminate your face while touching up, making touching up a lot easier. 

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