Makeup For Seniors

Tips for makeup for seniors, women who want to keep looking their best even in the golden years. Some people believe that elderly women no longer need to wear makeup because they no longer need to look good. 

This belief is totally wrong because age should never limit women from making themselves look and feel good.

Makeup for seniors is totally acceptable and even encouraged, because it helps aged women feel youthful and full of life, just like how they felt decades ago.

Makeup Matters

Makeup for elderly women in their 70s and 80s will definitely look different from the makeup styles of much younger ladies, but the effect is all the same: the makeup should help boost the morale and confidence of a person while keeping her appearance attractive in other people's eyes.

Here are three easy makeup tips for women in their 70s and 80s. These are easy to do and are subtle to look at but still effective in giving you the right kind of attention.

Read these tips for seniors makeup and you will surely enjoy using makeup just like before.

Choose Subtle Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is something that women should never give up on using, even if they have reached their golden years. The only difference with using eyeshadow when you have aged is the restrictions in eyeshadow color and the way you apply the color above your eyes.

Choose subtle colors that complement the color of your eyes or outfit. However, anything bright such as yellow, electric blue and hot pink will no longer work.

Shades such as lilac, baby blue, and deep rose will look well on fair skin even if you are already mature in age. We love the Blue Moon Eyeshadow below.

Blue Moon Eyeshadow Color Seniors

Apply Gently

Since the skin above the eyes may be a bit loose, using an eyeshadow applicator may not be best in smoothening out the color.

Use the fingertip of your pinky instead to make the eyeshadow blend effectively on your skin.

Senior With Beautiful Soft Makeup

A Touch of Rose on the Lips

The lips of aged women sometimes lose their natural pink color and will have a tendency to look drooping, pale, and dry. Thus, an important tip for applying makeup for elderly women is to add some touch of rose on your lips.

Do not go for bold colors such as red and bright pink. Instead, opt for colors that look natural and will give you a soft-glow.

Good shades are soft rose, red-orange earth tones, and subtle pink colors that do not look too shocking

Concealing Lines and Wrinkles

Seniors Concealing Lines And Wrinkles

You may be a bit older and in your golden years, but that is not enough of an excuse to let lines and wrinkles ruin your look. Feel free to use concealers to address these fine lines and wrinkles.

Being at age 70 or above does not mean that you no longer have the right to look young. People will admire you if you look like you are in your 40s or 50s then surprisingly learn that you are way older than that.

Keep Your Makeup Bag

Makeup for seniors does not require the hands of an expert makeup artist. You can look good in old age by simply sticking to natural colors and using your common sense.

If you want to feel good and look good, do not hesitate to use some makeup for elderly women. Your relatives will love it and you will surely feel younger and vibrant, just like before.

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