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Makeup For Photography

Makeup for photography needs to be a little more intense than your everyday makeup

How To Be Camera Beautiful

Ever wonder how models and celebrities get those cover girl looks and always appear so very camera ready?

While fancy retouching and I-hate-her genetics certainly don't hurt, with a handful of makeup tips any girl can get herself gorgeous for the camera – whether it's her wedding day or the family holiday card shot!

It's important to keep in mind that makeup for photography and regular street makeup are quite different, and many times what looks fantastic for a night on the town or an afternoon lunch date simply won't work on camera with professional lighting.

It is truly amazing how much makeup goes into a clean and natural spa look for a magazine ad!

Makeup Photo Tips

Foundation is the first step to a beautiful face, and even if you skip it for day to day, a little something makes all the difference in the camera's eye.

Finding the perfect color for your face is key, and as mentioned in our featured video, many girls forget about the neck – which leads to the dreaded foundation line!

Another great technique for matching your skin tone is to try shades along the jaw line, so you can see how the color aligns with both face and neck.

Apply foundation lightly at first, and build coverage where necessary, instead of just universally piling it on.

The use of a primer beforehand will help keep your base fresh and smooth, and finish off with a mattifying powder to keep shine at bay.

If at all possible, avoid foundations with built in sunscreen or too much sheen, as they sometimes have a tendency to photography off-color or oily.

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Updated May 9, 2012

Photography and Makeup

Bronzers and Highlighters

Bronzer and highlighter will chisel the face, adding depth to cheekbones, and firming up a soft chin.

Generally speaking, use darker colors on areas you want to minimize, and lighter colors on features you'd like to bring forward.

Blush is another tool that many girls forego on the day to day, but you simply can't skip altogether for pictures.

Even a very sheer shade applied just to the apples of you cheeks will give you a fresh, youthful glow that translates beautifully.

Doing Your Lips

Lip color offers a bit more flexibility.

Sometimes a clear gloss is all you need, but if you go in for a bit more drama and color, try to keep gloss focused in the center of your lips instead of extending all the way out to the lip line.

It will add dimension to your color and plump up your pout.

Doing Your Eyes

This brings us to eyes – both the favorite and most challenging feature for many women to make up.

This is one place where a little can go a long way. You don't need six shadow colors and an inch of eyeliner to look beautiful – and blending will be your best friend.

False eyelashes applied close to the lash line with make your eyes pop, and a bit of a shimmery white or off-white shadow applied to the inside corner of eyes will bring them forward.

It takes a little practice, but with a little skill, plenty of blending, and the help of your camera phone or digital camera, you'll get the hang of perfect makeup for photography.

Make Up For Photography


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