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Makeup For Darker Complexions

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Many women with darker complexions agree that it can be challenging choosing the best colors and shades. Knowing the best makeup for darker complexions is a combination of choosing colors that complement and enhances the skin, while also giving a natural look.

Makeup Tips For The Darker Complexion

These tips will help ensure that you select the best colors for your darker complexion.

Decide whether you will need concealer and a foundation or if you can use one product for both steps. It is common for many women to experience uneven skin tones, and this might make it more difficult to use a combination concealer and foundation for best coverage.

If the natural skin is relatively even in complexion, then choose a foundation that will best match the skin tone. For those who have a greater degree of pigmentation changes, use a foundation that best matches the darker areas of the face.

Apply concealer to the eye area, and blend thoroughly. Use the five points of the face to apply a dab of foundation and spread in a circular motion outwards. These points include the middle of the forehead, the middle of the nose, the chin, and both cheeks. Blend outwards towards the hairline. When the foundation has been applied and the complexion appears a smooth, even color, set by applying translucent powder.

Though many women of color might feel that translucent powder appears too light, when looking at it in the container, once blended on the skin the powder’s color disappears. Powder is an excellent way to keep all of your makeup set, so use it generously.

How To Make Lips Appear Thinner

If you feel that your lips appear a bit fuller than you like, you can use a few makeup tricks to minimize their appearance. Choose your makeup color palette first, as this will determine the best color lipstick to select. Darker complexions have a wide array of color choices available.

Earth tones, muted greens, blues, and iridescent tones such as purple and gold hues looks fantastic on darker skin. Coordinate your color palette and then choose the shade for your lipstick. Darker colors minimize while lighter colors open an area and create space.

To minimize the fullness of your lips, apply a darker shade and then use a lip pencil, one shade darker than your lip color and draw the line on the inside of your lip line. This is in contrast of the technique used to create fuller lips.

If you would like to give the appearance of fuller lips, use light, shimmer lip colors, and choose your lip pencil, and draw the line directly over your natural lip line. With all of the colors available, makeup for darker complexions provides plenty of choices.


Makeup For Darker Complexions

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