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Makeover For Redheads

Makeover For Redheads Before And After Picture

Makeover For Redheads, The Beauty of Red Colored Hair

Natural redheads are a great example of rare beauty as very few people are gifted with this beautiful hair color. Those who are not so lucky as to have red hair color from birth, resort to hair dyes meant to enrich their hair with intriguing shades of orange, fierce red or black cherry.

Natural redheads, along with many girls who favor red as their desired hair color tend to have fair skin whilst their eyes mirror shades of blue, green or hazel. Most natural redheads have freckles, raising difficulties in choosing the perfect foundation, although freckles are perceived by many as signs of beauty and not as skin issues that need to be concealed.

Makeover Tips and Tricks for Redheaded Teens

redheads makeover before pictureA makeover for redheads makeup is destined to accentuate the beauty of redheads and should include tips and tricks meant to enhance the fiery shade of the girls' hair colors and given the strong look of their hair limited makeup options need to be taken into account to avoid achieving an appearance that is too strong and unsuitable for girls that are in their teens. Most redheads have sensitive skin that has the tendency to develop reddish hues this is why the right foundation is needed for creating a desirable balance.

Pink-based foundations must be avoided, but yellowish or golden toned foundations are highly recommended to even out one's skin tone.

When it comes to blushes, redheaded girls are advised to select warm colored blushes to freshen and warm up their look. Light bronze or peach tones are highly recommended whereas pink shades need to be avoided.

The eye shadow color palette for redhead teenage girls may consist of autumnal colors such as honey, caramel, chestnut, burnt raisin or olive green, whilst eye shadows that should be avoided include pink and baby blue colors as these hues are unsuitable for complimenting an ultra-fair skin tone. Teenagers are also advised to replace black mascara and eyeliner with brown versions, especially if their eyes have green or hazel hues.

Natural redheads have very light colored eyelashes, therefore brown mascara is recommended for adding the much needed eyelash definition. Flesh-toned lipsticks look great on redhead teens, as well as natural tones and bright pinks.

Hair Color Tips for Redheads Makeover

readheads makeover after pictureA Makeover for redheads includes hair colr, as natural redheads have an orange-hued hair color, but girls can be seen sporting all sorts of red-based shades such as strawberry, burgundy, auburn or reddish browns. Truth is any red hair color hue may look good as long as it suits the person's skin color.

Girls with warm skin tones, that is complexions that slide to the yellowish side, can choose copper hues for their hair, as well as medium auburns. Teens with a cool skin undertone are those with fair skin or with a complexion that has a somewhat pinkish hue. These girls can opt for richer tones of red such as violet based reds, reddish brown, dark auburns and burgundy.

Red is an exceptional hair color and must be accentuated in a way that doesn't create an overly dramatic effect. Braids are an excellent hairstyle choice for redheads, as well as shorter and medium lengths, or hairstyles that reach the shoulder line. Layered hairdos or those with straight or side swept bangs also look beautiful, depending on the person's face shape.
Enjoy, a makeover for redheads

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Updated December 1, 2011

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