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Makeover For Brunettes

brunettes before and after makeover pictures

Teen Makeover for Brunettes

A successful makeover for brunettes is based on choosing the right hairstyle and makeup for complementing one's best features and concealing those that are less attractive. Makeovers for brunettes are different according to every individual's physical characteristics such as hair color, face shape, skin complexion and eye color. This brunettes makeover reveals teen makeover tricks dedicated to bringing out the natural beauty of brunette girls.

brunettes before makeover pictureMakeup Advice for Brunettes

One of the main advantages of being a brunette is that these girls can look outstanding with just a bit of makeup. And since makeup has to be age and school appropriate, having a dark colored hair can enhance one's beauty without using the whole makeup kit.

Brunettes can also pull off numerous looks and colors therefore they can sport a wide array of shades including bright and darker ones.

For radiant eye makeup, use shades of ivory, yellow, orange, peach, gold or bronze, but if you want a more accentuated eye shadow, choose purple or brown-red. As far as foundation is concerned, go for matching face powder and opt for dark pink hued, peach or brick-red blushes.

Brunette teenage girls can color their lips in nude lipstick colors, as these shades work in the favor of darker skin tones. Other lipstick colors recommended for brunettes include pink-brown hues, brown, fuchsia, mauve or cherry colors.

Hairdo Tips for Brunettes

Your hair can play an important part in a makover for brunettes. A brunette seeking a different hairdo should opt for one that complements her face shape and that takes into account her hair texture. With so many gorgeous hairstyles available, brunette girls have a lot of attractive options to choose from.

brunette after hairstyle makeoverTeenage girls with delicate face features can opt for a classic hairdo such as the pixie cut. This type of hairstyle can be easily maintained and is suitable for girls with straight hair. Those with wavy or curly locks should opt for other hairstyles as these types of hair textures are less compatible with pixie cuts which look their best only when paired with a straight hair. Girls with wavy or curly hair should enhance the natural look of their locks by wearing their hair in less layered, shoulder length hairstyles.

Teenage girls with brunette hair that also have a fuller face need to focus on finding haircuts that add length to their face. Longer hairdos are thus recommended, as well as bangs brushed to one side of the face. Accentuated layers are also a great makeover idea for girls with brunette hair and this type of face shape, and are incredibly easy to maintain in the case of girls with natural straight hair.

For girls with curlier hair types, the ideal hairstyle is one that exceeds the shoulder line and that has layers beautifully framing the face. Longer hairdos do make quite a fashion statement and can be easily swept up in a ponytail or in an unpretentious bun for both formal and casual events. Brunettes have really got it good when it comes to makeovers as there are so many options available to them!

Enjoy, a makeover for brunettes

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Updated December 1, 2011

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