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Here are some great make up tips to help you shake things up a little and avoid make up faux pas.

Shake Things Up A Little

Doing make up is old news. You've got it all down right?

The perfect color to match your skin tone, your favorite red lipstick for a night out and you know how to do the crease thingy with the eye shadow and the dark and light.

It's part of your routine now and you have it right. Right?

Honestly, wearing the same make up every day can get extremely boring and starts to lose its initial impression on the people who have to look at you.

Did you know that smokey eyes aren't always appropriate? They make for a better evening look.

Also, most of us think we have it all perfectly figured out when in actual fact we tend to plaster it on too thick (for example) but nobody wants to mention it because their mom taught them it would be rude.

Applying Eyeliner Can Be Tricky

We've all been there. Standing in front of the mirror trying to get our liner on perfectly straight without applying it too high on the eyelid.

Liquid liner is an even bigger problem because it smudges so easily and although it is ultra black it doesn't leave much room for making mistakes.

It can also be really difficult to make eyeliner cast a natural shadow because let's face it, none of us have eyelashes that thick.

Try this make up tip, use a dark brown stick as opposed to your black one for a change.

Instead of getting just above the lash line, take your eyeliner and apply it in between your lashes.

This way you create a thick line in a natural color without a bumpy line.

If you are feeling really daring and want something that is very noticeable, you can line inside your upper lash, in-between the lashes themselves and apply it above the lashes.

This will make your eyes incredibly noticeable but works best for an evening look.

Eyeliner And Brows

Make Up Tips

Your Eyebrows are the Windowsill to Your Soul

You want to be sure that your eyebrows are the right shape and help define the whole eye area without being too bushy or too thin (unless you are at a fancy dress).

First you will need to brush your eyebrows upwards and snip the extra long ones.

You can then brush them back into their original positions and apply a light gel or wax. This will keep them looking groomed and in place.

The best eyebrows often have a bit of color applied in order to accentuate the eyeball.

Use a shade one darker than the actual color of your eyebrow and lightly draw from the inside to the tips.

Be careful not to press too hard as it will look like a solid line.

If you heed this advice you will have amazing eyes in next to no time and a groomed look that is sure to impress.

Beauty is all about presentation after all and a few good make up tips.

© Make Up Tips Published July 12, 2011
Updated September 12, 2012

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