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Make Up For Tan, Keep It Light And Natural

make up for tanned face
makeup for tans
makeup for a tan

Makeup for Tan, Keep It Light and Natural

make up for a tan

Choosing the Right Makeup for Tanned Complexions

Sun-kissed looking skin is preferred by many women and this does not come as a surprise given how beautiful it looks.

Whether it's the sun or auto-bronzing lotions that create the nice tanning effect, one thing is for sure: bronzed skin needs to be accentuated by using proper makeup.

Not all women who are suntanned decide to enhance the color of their skin by using makeup products.

This is not recommended because tanned complexions tend to look monotone and washed out without a touch of color therefore adding a bit of makeup will enhance the beauty of the tan and add definition where needed.

Here's how to select the right makeup for sun-kissed complexions:

Tanned Skin Basics

If you've decided you want radiant skin, you can either expose your face to the bronzing sun or opt for a self-tanner to achieve the same effect without the damaging UVA and UVB rays. If you do choose to get out in the sun, remember the basics of achieving a healthy bronze by applying an adequate moisturizer and sunscreen.

Apply a Light Foundation

When your skin is tanned, you need to use natural looking makeup so avoid heavy foundations that will create the undesirable mask effect. Go for an airy foundation, in a color that matches your skin tone. Its formula should conceal tiny imperfections and should provide a radiant appearance to your skin.

Enhance your Tanned Skin with the Help of a Subtle Bronzer

A tanned complexion requires a bit of definition so use a small amount of bronzer on your cheeks to provide a nice contour that will accentuate the beauty of your skin.

Be Careful with the Blush

If you want your face to look youthful and fresh, you can add a bit of color in your cheeks, but make sure you select the proper hue matching your tan. Opt for a blush whose color belongs to the coral or orange family and do not use it excessively.

Best Eye Make Up For Tan

The adequate eye makeup for a bronzed complexion is the one that's subtle and colored in light neutral hues. Don't use too much eye shadow for daywear, and replace the dark eyeliner and mascara with proper ones in lighter colors for a fresh, summery look. Don't coat your eyelashes with multiple layers of mascara, but opt for an eyelash curler instead and finish the eye makeup with a single coat of waterproof mascara.

Lip Make Up For Tan

During the day, the best way to define your lips is to replace lipstick with a light lip gloss. When the sun goes down, you can go bold and choose a lipstick in coral or orange shades that will complete your look just perfectly. We also advise using lip products with protective ingredients against sun damage.

These are the basics of using makeup when your skin has a nice summer appearance. Enjoy the hot temperatures whilst feeling confident in your new look.



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