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Make Up Application

Make Up application can be a blast – whether you are playing with it, shopping for it, applying it, or just marveling at the neat-o-ness of a new color.

Make Up Application for Special Occasions and Monday Afternoon

Some girls pore over shoes and bags in the fashion magazines, and some skip right to the beauty section (and some can't get enough of all three!).

If you're a girl who can spend hours browsing nail polishes at the beauty supply, or loves to hunt for the trendiest new bronzer online, this is the spot for you.

You will find products galore and tips for days to suit any face, taste, or style and you'll find that there's nothing quite like the thrill of finding the perfect red lipstick or your Holy Grail your-skin-but-better foundation.

That being said, there are still plenty of women who are bewitched, bothered, and bewildered by the world of beauty and make up application.

These are the gals whose eyes go crossed at the mere thought of liquid eyeliner or contouring a cheekbone, and even more women who never learned to (gasp) moisturize!

To those girls I say, "Never fear, help is near!" Presented here are a plethora of tips and techniques to get any civilian painting face like a professional, whether it's for a hot night on the town, a regular ol' workday, or her very own wedding day.

Find out what a primer does (and why you totally need one!), why you've gotta moisturize that face (and you do gotta moisturize that face – and neck!), and why every girl should keep a cucumber chilling in the fridge at any given moment.

Applying Make Up

Make up application simply doesn't have to be so mysterious, and with the insight of real makeup artists, instructional videos as well as step by step "recipes" for everything from photography foundation to smoky eyes, all will be illuminated.

Find out more information about permanent cosmetic options to plump lips and how to de-puff your eyes after a wild night out (or prevent them the night before – see the bit about the cucumber).

Always wanted to learn how to slim your neckline and thin your chin? Look no further!

Armed with a well-lit bathroom or vanity, a mirror that so magnifies you almost can't bear to look into it, lots of practice, the helpful hints contained herein, and your very own eye for style, you will be able to execute any look you've ever longed to try with make up application.

Special Ocassion Make Up

Day To Night Make Up Tips
Day To Night Makeup
How to change your day makeup to night makeup fast, take makeup from office light to candlelight in minutes.
Party Make Up
Party Makeup
Need fast makeup for a party, try these makeup tips and tricks for eyes, cheeks, and lips and be ready to party in 3 minutes
Nail Polish Removers
Makeup For Photography
Be camara ready, how to apply make up for photos. To look your best in photos your makeup needs to be applied in a different way

Professional Make Up Application

Professional Makeup Artist
Professional Makeup Artist
Consider professional makeup artists when your special occasion calls for picture perfect makeup application
Semi Permanent Makeup Article
Semi-Permanent Makeup
Semi-permanent makeup can define and enhance your eyebrows, lips, and eyelids for a long lasting smudge resistant and waterproof makeup.

From Casual To Glam

Make Up Application

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Smoky Eyes Nude Lips
2012 Fall Makup Looks
Why polish removers cause damage to your nails and can cause nail dryness and damaged brittle nails

Eye Make Up Application

Make Eyes Look Bigger
Make Eyes Look Bigger
Watch this eye makeup video to see how easy it is to create the look of wider and bigger eyes
Cosmetic Concealers
Choosing A Cosmetics Concealer Choose the right shade and formula for a cosmetics concealer, see if you need a peach or yellow concealer in a cream or liquid formula
Make Up Tips
Make Up Tips
Avoid make up faux pas, tips to help you shake things up a little when you wear make up, tips for eyeliner and eyebrows

Fast Make Up Tips And Tricks

Fast Office Beauty Tips
Fast Office Beauty
Get your beauty act together for the office fast with these beauty tips for your hair, lash tips, and the open pores beauty trick
How To Make Makeup Last
Make Makeup Last
How to make your makeup stay put and last all day or party night, make your foundation and lip makeup last as long as you do.
Makeup Substitutes
Makeup Substitutes
Products you use in a pinch when you've forgotten to pack an item in your suitcase or makeup bag.
Choosing Right Foundation
How To Choose The Right Foundation
Here is how to find the foundation for you if are you always buying the wrong foundation shades and types

Make Up Tools

Beauty Tools
Beauty Tools
See what tools are a must have for your beauty toolbox, tools for your face makeup and hair, beauty starts with the right tools
Alternative Makeup Tools
Alternative Makeup Tools
Your best makeup tools just may be your fingers, how to use your fingers to apply makeup

Seasonal Make Up Trends

Makeup Color
Using Makeup Color
use color in your makeup, try violet, blue, yellow lipstick, colored mascara or glittery eyeshadows, here are tips for using colored makeup
Summer Makeup Trends
Summer Makeup Trends
Makeup for Summer will have lots of sparkle, glitter and shine for eyes, cheeks, and lips, look to MAC for great Summer shades

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Make Up Application
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