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Make makeup last as long as you do!

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How Can I Make My Makeup Last Longer?

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it's also the time of year to assemble a new wardrobe and find new ways to make makeup last throughout the busy schedules that are so much part of the typical holiday season.

Looking amazing, whether attending an office function, family dinner or a special date to celebrate the season is not only important, it's totally possible for any woman. Pamper yourself a little during the holidays and give yourself permission to use the extra time to create that perfect look that really works for you all day long,

There are only two basic techniques to follow to ensure your makeup looks great and lasts the distance. These include the quality of the makeup chosen and the way it is applied. Once you have these two techniques perfected, you are in a great place to have makeup that will look as if it has been freshly applied, no matter what you might be doing.

The Quality of the Makeup you Use

If you haven't already selected the makeup that works best for you, start by researching brands and makeup essentials and take advantage of testers, samples, free advice from department stores, cosmetic counters and beauty shops. Armed with this research you can assemble your basic makeup kit.

Ensure you apply the makeup in all weather conditions and at night as well as during the day. Test your makeup under lights, in warm areas and if the weather is cold where you live, test it in artificial heating conditions. You want makeup that will not only last the distance but will also look fresh in all conditions and won't run or look shiny in certain environments.

Makeup Primers

Primers are applied before your foundation and are an excellent way to help makeup last. Brnda to look for would be Laura Geller Spackle Under Make-up Primer, also available as tinted, bareMinerals - Prime Time Foundation Primer, or Shiseidos Refining Makeup Primer SPF.

Your Application Technique

Having selected the appropriate makeup essentials for your skin condition and its color and tone, you now need to consider the techniques you use both before you apply your makeup. Technique begins with a good cleansing plan that ensures that your skin is always clean and has all traces of old makeup removed as well as being well moisturised.

A daily cleansing and moisturising program is essential to making makeup last when we do apply it. This program should be coupled with the careful use of a moisturizing cream or foundation that includes sunscreen protection with as high a protection factor as you can find.

Moisturising and applying a foundation covers cracks and wrinkles and provides a smooth surface to apply other products to. It also helps protect skin from sun caused wrinkling, and helps to maintain its soft, young look. It also prevents makeup being absorbed into the skin pores.

Most women have their own favourite techniques for applying makeup, but to achieve the longevity we all want with our makeup the value of using a good quality foundation, base or concealer cannot be emphasised enough. Lip gloss added to the top of well applied lipstick will not only create a gloss on the lips, but ensure the lipstick itself lasts for many hours.

The time you spend researching your brands and techniques will pay off as you step out full of confidence that you have mastered the art of applying makeup that not only makes you look fabulous but keeps you looking that way for many hours. You can make makeup last if you know how.

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Published September 2, 2011


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