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Make Hair Texture

There is a strong movement away from stick-straight hair, to hair with movement and texture. That keyword "texture” is another way to say curls and waves.

On the runways at New York’s recent Fashion Week, hair was pulled back but not flat and slick. It had loose waves, and even a bit of light frizz..

While the heavy makeup on the runways mirrored ’80s edginess, the hair was simple and much less structured. That contrast makes for an interesting tension in a woman’s look.

What’s making these softer, textured looks possible is a new generation of styling products containing various forms of cosmetic silicone and other newly developed conditioning agents that soften hair and really impart sheen.

A good haircut is also imperative in dealing with natural wave and curl. Newer cutting techniques allow big bushy hair to lay closer to the head, taking out unwanted volume and frizz. You might also want to consider a modern-day perm, which is replacing Japanese straightening procedures that left hair shiny but pin-straight.

This will leave the hair in better condition than before and help create easy out-of-the-shower hairdos with beautiful soft curls and loose waves.

Learn from your hairdresser how to use the bigger-barreled curling irons that have become the have-to-have styling tool. Hair should be left fetchingly messy, not with perfect backward flips like Farrah’s in the ’70s.

Most hairdressers "cocktail” their styling products, customizing mixtures for each client. For instance, your hair may have a frizzy texture but also be fine and not thick. Too much anti-frizz serum will collapse your hair. Mix a little of it with a body-boosting gel for maximum effect.

The last word: Use your natural-born texture to your benefit!
Make Hair Texture


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