Macy Gray Hairstyle, Long Soft Waves

macy gray long black wavy hairstyleMacy Gray looks unbelievable in her mid length messy hairstyle. This look is so trendy in that you can have a carefree look yet still appear put together. After all, these days, messy refers to a style; that- just crawled out of bed look - in a good way!

Macy Gray perfects this blend of casual and comfortable with a touch of sophistication and flair. You have to be careful that your artfully messy appearance does not come off in a slovenly way.

With her confident gaze and glittery gown, Macy makes messy look magnificent. The length of Macy’s hair has been allowed to drape gently past her shoulders. Many layers have been addedin the top and sides.

These layers have been snipped in on an angle to offer Macy volume and body to her hairstyle. This is a beautiful hairstyle option for women with black hair. If your locks are naturally wavy and thick, this is an ideal hairstyle for you to try. Macy’s locks stand at attention thanks to highlights carefully placed throughout her tresses.

Highlights and or lowlights are a crafty way to add different elements and depth to the appearance of your hair. You can visit your beautician and have them provide you with the color of your choice, or you can even easily achieve this look right at home.

African American women with oval, oblong, square, heart or triangular face shapes will be able to wear Macy Gray’s messy mid-length look with no problem at all.

Make use of long bangs to set off your hairstyle even more like Macy does or opt to go bang free. What you do with your fringe is totally up to you and really should not overly effect the outcome of this messy hairstyle.

Even though Macy’s look makes use of her natural wave, if your tresses are thick or curly, a few styling products will help you achieve this hairstyle.


Style Hair Steps Styling Steps Macy Gray's Long Wavy Hairstyle

macy gray long black wavy hairstyle

After shampooing with products for your hair type, towel dry so that your strands are left damp but not soaking wet.

A dab of moisturizer can be worked through your tresses with your fingers. This will guard your locks from potential damage due to heat related styling tools.
Follow this up with a golf ball sized amount of mousse distributed evenly throughout your locks.
Use a comb to place your locks in the position that you desire them to be.
Attach a diffuser to your dryer and blow-dry your tresses while bending forward at the waist. Allow your fingers to scrunch your tresses carefully while drying.
Use the tail end of your comb and start at the middle of your right eye working the comb backwards until you have an even right part.
With gel on your fingers, pinch the ends of your tresses.
If you have bangs like Macy does, use gel on your fingertips while finger picking your bangs in a leftward direction.

A misting of hairspray will ensure your style holds as long as you need it to.

Be careful not to go overboard or you will be left with a sticky residue that will weigh your locks down.



Macy Gray Hairstyle

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