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Luxury Bath Towels

Adding luxury bath towels to the accessories is one of the ways to deck out your bathroom with a hint of "posh"

Luxury Bathroom Towels

By definition a luxury towel will weigh between 24 and 28 ounces. However, it's not just the weight that qualifies the towel as "luxury".

You will need to look at the overall construction of the towel and the material with which its made to know more about your purchase.

Materials for Luxury Bath Towels

Towels come in a variety of material. By far, cotton is the fabric of preference because it's durable and cost-effective. Generally speaking the higher the thread count in cotton, the more luxurious it's considered.

Here are some more towel materials that may appear when you're looking for lavishness:

  • Bamboo: These are naturally fluffy, soft and an ecologically friendly towel
  • Organic: Organic towels, like bamboo, are ecologically sound choices. They come in a variety of types including luxury towels.
  • Pima: Strong, absorbent cotton towels
  • Combed: the short threads are removed from this towel
  • Microfiber: A newcomer to the industry these absorb dirt extremely well
  • Egyptian: High quality cotton and very popular for luxury towels. These have long life spans
  • Ringspun: These feel great against the skin!
  • Turkish: Very soft, strong and fluffy. These have the appearance of class thanks to the overall thickness of the fibers.
  • Terrycloth: high absorbency

Generally if you want luxury think Egyptian and Turkish towels. For practicality and longevity stick with basic cotton towels.

If you're on a budget, purchase one set of towels for each person in your household initially. Otherwise get at least two so you can cycle the towels around.

Care and Keeping

Once you buy a set of luxury bath towels there are a couple other things to consider. First, do you want to have them monogrammed? It's a completely optional touch but one that's certainly stylish.

Also do you want to give your towels a great place to hang – like a heated towel rack? What could be more comforting and enjoyable than a warm luxury towel to wrap around you on a cool morning?

When you get the towels home they need an initial wash. Please read the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer as they can vary depending on the base material for your chosen towel.

Generally speaking you want to wash and dry on "gentle" and "warm" to keep your luxury bath towels looking and feeling great.

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Updated March 16, 2012

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