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Louise Brooks Bob Hairstyle

louise brooks vintage bob

Louise Brooks

Women across the globe can be thankful to Louise Brooks innovative sense of style for what has to be the most popular hairstyle ever to be invented, the vintage bob Touted as being the first women to bring the Bob hairstyle to the masses, her blunt Bob with bangs is definitely an integral part of hair history.

Back in the days of 1920 where curls, and hairdo's that took a long time to style were all the rage, Louise and her blunt Bob with bangs certainly caused a jaw dropping reaction. However, it did not take long for the shock to fade and the scissors to come out. Ladies all but lined up to have their locks cropped into the same stylish blunt Bob with bangs that Louise Brooks was sporting. It quickly became apparent that this was a must have hairstyle for women from all walks of life.

louise brooks vintage bob hairstyleAfter all, what wasn't to love about a blunt Bob hairstyle with bangs? Seeing as that a Bob hairstyle is so flexible, it is suitable for practically all face shapes and hair types.

Unlike so many of the other hairstyles of that time, the Bob looked lovely on every woman. It almost goes without saying that another strong appeal of this flapper's blunt Bob hairstyle with bangs is that minimal amount of styling involved to keep this hairstyle in top condition.

Louise has medium textured, super straight locks but that did not stop women with fine or thick hair from attempting this style. Women with natural curls and even those with loose waves also wore a blunt Bob hairstyle with bangs.

Although Louise has bangs that are clipped across her forehead and sit just above her brows with the ends of her hairstyle reaching mid-cheek length, some women embraced the beauty of the Bob right away and modified the style to suit their own needs. Louise Brooks has a long, sharp nose with a shorter face and this blunt Bob with bangs perfectly compliments her outstanding features.

Even though Louise embraced the simplicity of her simple blunt Bob hairstyle, there was times that she chose to dress up her hair slightly. Just because your locks are clipped into a short hairstyle such as a blunt Bob does not mean that you can not have fun with your look. Hair accessories are a great way to alter the appearance of your hair if even only for a special event. Louise was often photographed with floral headbands or barrettes decorating her blunt Bob hairstyle.

Style Flapper Louise Brooks Vintage Bob Hairstyle ~ Styling Steps

  • Wash your hair with products specifically for your hair type.
  • Towel dry and detangle with a wide toothcomb.
  • Work a small amount of mousse throughout your hair evenly.
  • Create an even center part and then working with a round brush, dry on a medium setting.
  • You can curl the ends of your Bob under while drying by wrapping your hair around the brush.
  • If desired, work a small dab of shine serum evenly through your hair avoiding the roots. Mist lightly with hairspray.

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Updated June 25, 2011

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