Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles do not just look amazing, they also provides an abundance of styling options for women.

It does not matter if you do not have waves courtesy of Mother Nature, you can still create stunning wavy hairstyles for your long hair.

long natural wavy hairstyle

Long Natural Waves

Long wavy hairstyles are romantic and just steps away from Bohemian. The length of these can be to the shoulders or tumbling right down to waist length.

A long wavy style can be glamorous evoking visions of old Hollywood and Veronica Lake. These styles are usually shoulder length or slightly longer.

Waves can be styled as wide smooth deep S shapes or tight narrow frizzy waves.

You can create the eye-catching random waves you see in this gallery for your long locks using an easy twist and clip method.

Twist And Clip For Deep Waves

To start with, after washing your long tresses, detangle your hair with a wide tooth-comb and apply styling products such as a mousse gel or pomade.

Twist strands of your long hair in a circular motion until you have achieved a bun. Secure your bun in place with clips.

Allow your locks to dry naturally and then remove the clips from your tresses. You will be left with luscious locks that cascade in waves down your back.

Many of the long wavy hairstyle pictures here feature gorgeous ringlets and spiral curls on women with long hair.

Creating these stunning ringlets or spiral curls in your locks for a formal occasion takes almost no time at all.

After washing your hair, set the damp strands by braiding them in various sizes.

You could also opt to set slightly damp strands of hair on pin curls, rag rollers or sponge rollers if you desire a more consistent wave.

Even women whose long locks are stick straight can enjoy these long wavy hairstyles.

If you want some waves for your straight tresses experiment with pin curls or even old-fashioned salon clips.

You simply position your clips or pin curls on damp strands and once dry, you will be left with smashing S shaped finger waves.

How can a girl go wrong with a hairstyle that is the choice of Mermaids, Princesses, and Fairy Queens!

long wavy hairstyle


Many of the pictures of long wavy locks look divine as they have been provided with plenty of volume.

long wavy hair with frizzy volume

Long Wavy Hair Loves Volume

You can provide natural volume, body and fullness to your long hair simply by using your fingers to comb, fluff and lift when drying while directing your strands into the opposite direction that it normally lays.

Make use of large salon or condor clips without teeth to secure your hair into a volume enhancing position.

Keep in mind that any clips with teeth or ridges may create wrinkles or marks in wet strands of hair.

By finger combing and fluffing your long locks, not only will you enhance your waves and supply your hair with additional volume, but this will speed up drying time as well.

Enhancing Natural Waves

Another option for enhancing waves in your long hair and creating long wavy hair is to use gather your locks into a ponytail at the top of your head while your tresses are damp.

Allow the hair to air dry for as long as possible. When the ponytail is removed, bend at the waist and flip your hair while using your fingers to scrunch your locks and promoting lift at the roots.

Carefully flip your hair back and arrange your long wavy locks with your fingers.

To encourage the wave in your long hair to come out, consider adding layers to your hairstyle as done in these pictures.

Layers of various length incorporated throughout your hairstyle will add definition and movement to your wave.

Highlights and lowlights can add new depth to your long wavy styles, making them appear shiny, glossy and full of life.

Long Wavy Styles Pictures Gallery

thick long wavy hairstyle warm auburn

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Long Wavy Hairstyles
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 24, 2015

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Long Wavy Hairstyles