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A large number of women enjoy wearing their locks in an updo, especially for formal events.

If you love wearing your locks up, but are tired of the same styles, you could opt instead to wear your flowing tresses in a half down updo.

The half down updo is a modified updo that involves pinning up portion of your locks while allowing the rest of your hair to flow around the shoulders or back.

These half down updo’s for long hair are regal and stunning. They look amazing for weddings, graduations, parties or just a fancy night on the town.

Half down updo’s for long hair are versatile and can be easily adapted for various hair types and facial features.

Women who wear a fringe or bang incorporated into their long hairstyle can also wear a half down updo with ease.

No matter which half down updo you choose for your long locks, it is best to avoid washing your hair for about a day before styling.

Your hair contains natural oils that help the half down updo to hold in place. If you decide to wash your tresses first, be sure to apply a generous dollop of styling gel before blow-drying.

You can create a gorgeous half down updo for your long locks by yourself at home in no time at all.

Styling Steps-

Before attempting to shape your half down updo, brush your tresses free of tangles. Create 1-2 inch sections in your hair and work a straightening iron down your hair.

Use the end of a comb to create a side part. The part should go from the front of your hairline to about 2 inches from the crown of your head.
Brushed your locks from the part to your hairlines opposite side.

The new section you just created should be pulled behind your ear.
Temporarily clip your hair behind the ear to hold.

A small section of hair can be pulled from this area to create a sexy curled tendril if desired.

Brush the other side of your hair until smooth and clip behind your ear to hold.

Unclip each section of hair one at a time.

Separate the section equally into bottom and top sections, making each section into two new sections.

The bottom portion should be pulled into a loose ponytail to keep it from getting in the way.

Brush one of the top sections towards the middle of the back portion of the head and roll. Pin this roll flat against the head.

The other top section should then also be rolled to the middle and back section of the head. Make sure to slightly overlap the first section that was rolled.

The second roll needs to be pinned allowing it to hide the first roll.

Mist lightly with hairspray for hold

Remove the ponytail.

Use a curling iron to create ringlets, wave or to turn your ends under.

Add hair jewels to the hair if desired.

Mist with hairspray.


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