Long Sleek Hair - The Simple Beauty Of Smooth

Long sleek hair styles hold the attention of men and women alike, actually it can hold most men spellbound.

Beautiful sleek long hair takes more second looks than any other hair style.

Over history fairy tales and folklore have been written with the heroine or leading lady endowed lavishly with beautiful long and sleek lengths.

Poets and writers have used the aura of a women with long hair for romance, sexuality and adventure for centuries.

Even angels are most often drawn, painted, or imagined, with longer than long hair.

Beautiful long hair that is smooth and sleek, does come with a price, this hair demands your commitment for proper care and maintenance.

Celebrity Long And Sleek Hair

Cher, Rapunzel, Portia De Rossi, Crystal Gayle Lara St. John Violinist, Kim Richards, Alanis Morissette, Jill Hennesy, Cher, and Jayne Seymour just to name drop a few.

Straight long hair still remains the style chosen for the world's most popular doll, Barbie.

long sleek hair

The Secret To Long Sleek And Straight Hair

The secret to to having long hair lies in the strength of the hair. As you go through the long hair galleries, take note off the texture of the majority of the hair.

It is usually on the thicker and courser side and kept one length overall.

Many of the styles vary with or without bangs, but for the general day to day styling , the hair is left loose and straight.

Long sleek hair is a classic look own it's own, most often the impact of the length is all this hair needs.

Long Sleek Hair Gallery

long straight smooth hairstyle

More Longer Than Long Lengths

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: April 24, 2015

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Long Sleek Hair