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Mens Long Shaggy Haircuts ~ Josh Groban Style

long shaggy haircutsJust like women, men can become stuck in a hairstyle rut and be unsure of what style to wear their hair in. This is especially true when a man wants to wear his locks long, yet does not like a ‘hippy’ or ‘rocker’ type look.

Guys who fall into this category may feel as if they are doomed to have the clippers taken to their hair and wear a typical short haircut.



mens long shaggy haircuts

Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth and for many men; men’s long shaggy haircuts are just the answer.

One of the great aspects of men’s shaggy haircuts such as the one sported by mega singing star Josh Groban are that they can be modified to wear well with practically any hair type or texture.

Not to mention that they can flatter virtually every single face shape. If all of that wasn’t enough to make men’s long shaggy haircuts appealing, they can also be worn with bangs.

Some men may balk at bangs as they in the past have been considered feminine. However, take one look at how ruggedly handsome Josh Groban is in his men’s long cut and pay attention to the slight bang he wears and you will agree, his look is totally masculine.

Easy To Style

Men’s shaggy haircuts do not take much effort to style either. In fact, a simple wash, a palm full of mousse or style gel and you are ready to walk out the door. You can however, work with a blow dryer for faster drying and some volume if you so desire.

Josh Groban wear’s his long shaggy style to flatter and accommodate his natural wave. However, you can just as easily wear a men’s long shaggy hairstyle if your hair is straight or curly.

The key as with many other haircuts is styling products. Pick the products that you like the most and learn how to tame your tresses and wear your shaggy haircut with finesse.


long shaggy haircuts



Mens Long Shaggy Haircuts

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