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Long Layered Styles For Women Over Forty

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Debra Messing Sleek and Sexy Hairstyle

Debra Messing is a prime lesson in the saying that age is just a number. With her long layered styles, Debra shows that she has the appeal of women half her age.

Debra’s stylist has sliced in extra long layers throughout her hairstyle that adds the sexiness that emulates from this look. The length and color offer sleekness and together this is a hairstyle that begs to be worn anywhere and everywhere.

This Style Can Work For Wavy And Natural Curly Hair

You may think that if you have naturally curly or wavy locks that you will not be able to wear long layered styles, however, as one look at Debra shows, you certainly can. It is just a matter of a little styling time, the right products and of course, a great hair straightened and you too can have a sleek and sexy hairstyle all your own.

The layers in Debra Messing’s sleek, sexy hairstyle are shorter around her face, causing a frame that is perfect to show off features as beautiful as hers are. A darker shade near the top with lighter highlights around the face, draw your eye down, offering an appearance of even more gloss and shine for long layered styles.







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products that are made for your current hair type

Use a wide tooth comb and carefully detangle, use the tail end of a comb to create a center part

Blow dry in very small, manageable sections, directing a vented brush downward as you dry

Once dry, smooth some pomade down your hair which will help it to straighten as well as to protect your hair and offer a glossy finish

Again, working in small sections smooth your hair downward with a straightener if desired slightly flip your ends under or over

Run a brush gently through your hair and arrange as desired


cutting long layered style

cutting tips for this style
Have your stylist slice long deep layers into the hair framing your face.


Long Layered Styes
September 12, 2009

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