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The Quest For Long Lashes

Why Do We Want Longer Lashes?

Every woman enjoys feeling beautiful. Every woman enjoys looking beautiful and enhancing their looks whenever they can do so. It has been this way since the time of the ancients as the history of feminine beauty is well known in many cultures.

long lashes

Looking and feeling attractive and beautiful includes enhancing the appearance of your eyes and eyelashes, since having long lashes accentuates the appearance of not only your eyes but all your facial features.

Reasons For Wanting Longer Lashes

- We want longer eyelashes because it makes us feel much more attractive. Having beautiful full, longer eyelashes framing the windows of our soul is similar to placing a complimentary frame around a breathtakingly beautiful photograph.

- Women want longer lashes in order to show off our best qualities while enhancing our over all appearance.

- Whether we are getting all dressed up to go out somewhere special or merely hanging out with our friends, women enjoy the appearance of having their own set of lovely lashes. This is especially true when considering a night out on the town in more formal and semi-formal settings when we appear in our stunning evening wear attire.

- When you have longer lashes you can take advantage of many more options for doing your makeup when planning to get all dressed up to go out with our friends, family or lovers, no matter the occasion.

- We want longer eyelashes because they simply make us feel much more attractive.

- We want longer lashes because they are one of the most essential means of complimenting our other facial features.

- Longer lashes create an appealing illusion that can draw to us the opposite sex, since our eyes are accentuated by having longer lashes.

- Obviously, many men consider that when a woman has longer lashes that she is more attractive to them, so who can blame us for wanting longer lashes?

- When we have longer eyelashes, we have more opportunities to flutter our lovely lashes at all those men who do find us attractive.

- We want longer lashes because they are one of the most attractive means of embellishing our other interesting facial features.

- Women want longer lashes because of the desire to have beautiful eyes, whether or not they decide to apply their mascara. Beautiful full, long lashes are a natural must have for many females.

- We want longer lashes since having big beautiful wide open eyes is a very attractive and has always been a sign of femininity.

- Having big beautiful, longer eyelashes helps a woman create the illusion of being more attractive to the opposite sex. What woman in her right mind would not want to be attractive to the opposite sex?

- When you have longer lashes making plans for attending social gatherings such as a wedding, or anywhere else where you may be taking photographs, since longer lashes make you look much more becoming. Longer lashes in photographs show up so much better than short or spare eyelashes and can be very appealing.

- Women want longer lashes just because they are female and want to look their very best!

Whether or not you have beautiful long fuller lashes, being a woman more than likely you already know all the reasons why you want longer lashes. It is simply a girl thing.

The Quest For Long Lashes

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