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Are your hopes of long healthy hair shadowed by the occurrence of frizz, split ends and an overall lackluster lankness? It should come as no surprise.

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Long Hair Needs Special Care

Stylist Cory Powell of The Salon by Maxine in Beverly Hills believes that long hair generally looks more damaged as it's been around longer and thus has been impacted by daily wear and tear caused by styling actions, as well as the environment.

When you think about it, the hair that is longer than your shoulders may be at least five years of age. But old does not mean lost. Don't go grabbing the shears just yet! There are ways you can give your long locks a radiating youthful sheen.

A Quick Trim is a Good Thing

If you have split ends, the single effective treatment is a pair of sharpened scissors. Sure, there are products designed for quality hair care that also advertise fixing split ends, but they are only temporary. The products merely connect split ends together, resulting in a temporary fixing treatment whose effects wear off at your next shampoo. If you choose to leave your hair untreated, these tiny splits can multiply up the hair shaft.

Mario Russo, founder of Mario Russo Salons in Boston suggests: Go to a hair salon and have a quarter inch or less of hair cut off periodically, more precisely once every six to eight weeks. Once trimmed, use a protective leave-in cream to stop the frequent recurrence of split ends.

The Sun is not Your Hair's Friend

The sun can lead to oxidative stress which can cause your hair color to fade and promotes hair dryness and lackluster. Studies have shown that if you live or spend an extended time in either very dry or very humid areas, your hair is also more susceptible to damage by the sun.

Cory Powell adds that when being at home or on holiday, don't allow your hair to bake dry in sunlight after swimming. And if you will be in the sun for a long period of time, a scarf or a similar head covering is also recommended.

Use the Proper Tools To keep your long locks strong, invest in the proper hair care tools such as:

  • A genuine boar-bristle brush; the natural fibers are the best for spreading natural conditioning oils across hair shafts.
  • A comb with wide teeth; immediately after washing your hair, your locks are the most fragile and thus require something that is gentler on your hair than a brush.
  • A towel especially designed for long hair that is built with microfibers. This kind of towel functions as a wick to get the water out so it can become dried faster and easier.

Use Correct Coloring

The coloring process over time makes long locks even more likely to break. Jonathan Gale, celebrity colorist who has worked with Jennifer Garner and Charlize Theron, offers this tip to counter its effect: apply organic neem oil all over the hair before applying a highlighting solution or a coloring agent.

It will moisturize your hair and prevent chemicals from damaging your hair without interfering with the coloring process. It is also important to buy a shampoo made for color-treated hair and use it with each wash.

Long Hair Needs Conditioning

Conditioner should be used after every shampoo to prevent tangling. Every couple of weeks or so, you should also use a deep conditioning product and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. After application, wrap your hair in a moist microwave-warmed towel to facilitate its action.

For optimum long hair care, treat your hair with a smoothing and straightening mask once a month. A hair mask is designed specifically to create additional shine and stop hair from breaking.

Styling Helps

Avoid using blow dryers, hot rollers, curling irons or flat irons every time you style your hair. Professional models do in their own time and look at their hair. Don't use these hot tools more than three times a week, states Russo. Also, make sure you always use a hair product designed to protect hair against excess heat.

Another good protective, and pampering, practice is to sleep on a pillowcase made of silk that will prevent a blowout. Silk has slick fibers which don't affect the appearance of the hair's cuticle. Jonathan Gale offers this final long healthy hair tip: Apply some conditioning hair cream and braid your hair in a single tail. It's a sexy and protective way to carry your hair
Enjoy, long healthy hair

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Updated September 9, 2011


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