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Long Hair Updos

Long hair updos can be created with a simple soft chignon.

Reese Witherspoon's
Soft Chignon

Updo's are an excellent styling choice for women's long hair. There is nothing as glamorous as long locks piled luxuriously on top of your head, or twisting your locks into a sculpted hairstyle.

Updo's for long hair are also an ideal option for events that are more relaxed and casual.

There are such a wide variety of updo's available for women with long hair that you're sure to find one that suits your needs for any occasion.

Celebrity women such as actress Reese Witherspoon are often spotted wearing their long locks in various updo's for formal events.

Updo's are incredibly versatile and work well with any hair type and compliment most facial features. Find an updo that you love, and modify the look to suit your personality, and features.

At a recent awards show, Reese wore her long locks back in a stunning chignon that complimented her heart shaped face and long chin to perfection.

If there is a classy event in your future, emulating the chignon that Reese wore might be the perfect styling option for your long hair.

The key to achieving an elegant chignon for long hair updos is that this look is based on a ponytail that sits a few inches off of your neck. You will need enough hair in your ponytail to allow it to fan out into a roll.

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Updated May 9, 2012

Style Steps

As with all updo's this chignon for long hair can be adapted to fit your hair type and texture.

The part you wear with this hairstyle will depend on your face shape, hair texture and type.

You can opt to go with an off-center part like Reese's or you could even implement a soft fringe.

Wash your locks with products designed for your hair type and texture. Towel dry and apply a small amount of styling gel.

For additional volume through your crown, use a dab of volumizing product. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly work a straightening balm into your tresses.

With a paddle brush, blow-dry your locks in small sections. When hair is fully dry, spray your entire head with a firm holding spray.

Back comb gently for additional fullness around your crown. Spritz lightly with hairspray.

Use a brush or your fingers to direct your hair away from your face.

Pull your tresses into a ponytail with the base sitting above the nape of your neck. Separate the ponytail into small 1-inch sections.

Spritz each section with hairspray and then wrap it around a large barrel curling iron.

After releasing, pin the curl to the back of your head. When the ponytail is all curled, remove the pins and brush the hair to blend the curls.

Wrap the ponytail by lifting the bottom and wrapping it up and over the top of the elastic. Allow the finished bun to be soft and loose.

With your fingers, arrange the finished chignon into the desired size and shape.

Use bobby pins to pin the hair around the edges. When your hair is to your liking, mist with spray shine for shimmer.

Spritz with hairspray for hold.

Reese Witherspoon Updo


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