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Andie MacDowell Long and Luscious Hair

At fifty one years old, Andie MacDowell is a prime example that mature women can wear their locks long and luscious. Forget about feeling that once you reach a certain age it is time to clip your hair short, revel in the fact that you can have beautiful hair no matter what your age.

Andie MacDowell’s long and luscious hairstyle has intensely long layers and basically no bang to speak of. The long layers ensure that her long, luscious locks are not weighed down. This means that when she wears her hair loose and in cascading waves, that there is movement and the hair does not fall flat, this is important to women of all ages.

Another important thing to remember when wearing your locks in a long, luscious hairstyle like Andie MacDowell’s is that you do not want to use a heavy hand when applying hairspray. You want your hair to look fantastic and to cascade romantically over your shoulders, not to be stiff and sticky. That will definitely take away from the luscious look you are trying to create.
Enjoy, long hair older women.







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products created specifically for your hair type

Towel dry gently and work out any tangle with a wide tooth comb

Use a rounded brush and blow dry your hair in manageable sections

When your hair is fully dry, you can lightly spritz on a volumizer

Using a medium barrelled curling iron or medium sized hot rollers, work around your head, rolling your hair on a slight angle to promote soft, ringlet shaped waves

Once you are finished curling, arrange your hair as desired, lightly combing through any areas that you want with your fingers

You can apply some pomade to the ends of your locks with your fingers if desired to prevent them from looking frizzy


style variations

long curly hair older woman long layered hair older woman long wavy hair older women


Older Women Long Hair

A long and luscious hairstyle full of gentle waves is definitely a way for women of all ages to appear youthful and luxurious while showing off their delightful, stunning hair.

Long Hair Older Women
September 14, 2009

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