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Long, luscious locks are no longer deemed to be fit for just females. Long hair for men is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.

Men look just as fantastic in long hair as their female counterparts do.

Long Hair For Men

Of course a man can wear his long hair in any way that he prefers, however, a number of long hair styles for men tend to contain layers. This is for the same reasons as women opt for layers in their locks.

Men want the movement and even the volume in their long hair that comes from having layers of various lengths clipped into their locks.

mens long layered hairstyle

The range of different looks available to men with long hair is just as vast as it is for females. Depending on the day, their mood, and more, a man can style his long hair in almost any look that he likes.

Adding Color

asian mens long hair color highlights

Long hair for men can also incorporate bangs of different lengths or be fringe free. Color is another option to change the look of a men's long hairstyle.

Despite the texture and type of hair that you have, you can wear a long hairstyle for men as long as you opt for one that suits your individual needs.

You will also want to give some consideration to how much time you want to spend styling your hair when you pick which is the right long men's hairstyle for you.

The Ponytail Or Man Bun

side view man bun

Another styling option for you is to pull all that gorgeous hair back into a ponytail or man bun.

long hair men

Even though lifestyle can be somewhat of a factor in how you wear your hair, the right long hairstyle for men and how you choose to style your locks, you can have long hair even if you spend a large amount of time in a professional environment.

Keeping It Simple

mens long straight hairstyle

For those who like to keep it simple, a great look for men with long hair is the straight, basic style.

Generally, the only maintenance this requires is some brushing throughout the day to keep your tresses in place.

Rocker hairstyles featuring longer locks are also very popular. Often times, this look is sported with a portion of the face being covered. Singers of all ages embrace this look when they are seeking long hairstyles.

Long Hair With Parts

mens parted long hair style

Never forget the importance of the part when you are fashioning a men's long hairstyle. You can part your locks on either side or even straight down the middle if you like. Go for what suits your face shape the best.

Curly And Wavy Length

mens long natural curl hair

If you have naturally curly or wavy tresses, you can still wear men's long hairstyles. Simply work with some styling products to help you to achieve your look.

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Long Hair Men
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Updated: March 26, 2015

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