Long Emo Hairstyles With Hayley Williams

hayley williams haircutsPeople young and old alike enjoy grooving to the hip tunes of Paramore. However, in all honesty, some check out the band just to see how lead singer Hayley Williams is styling her locks!

Hayley Williams’s long Emo is incredibly trendy right now and suits her facial features to perfection.

With her spliced layers and long length with fabulous color infusion, it is no wonder that Hayley Williams’s long Emo hair has garnered so much attention.

Emo hairstyles have been the rage for a few years now among those in their younger to mid teens. However, people such as Hayley Williams with her long Emo show that you can wear a look such as this no matter what your age as long as you have the confidence to pull the style off.

Hayley Williams’s long Emo hair showcases the beauty of an Emo hairstyle to perfection. For those who have embraced an Emo look, they are well aware that these hairstyles are incredibly versatile and meant to show off your own personality.

hayley williams hairstylesBy that token, if you do not wish to, or can not due to your hair type or texture sport a long Emo just like Hayley William’s, you can indeed adapt the style to suit your individual needs.

It is not just her sliced layers that make Hayley Williams’s long Emo hairstyle popular.

Her jagged bangs and bold color also lend an additional edge that makes her hairstyle stand out.

If you are interested in having your locks shaped into a long Emo hairstyle like Hayley Williams, the first step is booking in a visit with your beautician where you can show her some of your favorite pictures of Hayley and seek her opinion on how this hairstyle would work for you.

It is wise to keep in mind that often times an Emo hairstyle does require more time that it looks like it would- however, most would agree that the results are totally worth the effort.


Although Hayley Williams’s long Emo hairstyle with sliced layers is meant to appear as if she just popped out of bed and appeared on stage, it takes some time and styling products to achieve that appearance.

The good news is, that with the right long Emo hairstyle with sliced layers like Hayley Williams, and a little practice, and in no time at all you will be styling your tresses like a pro!

Styling Steps - Hayley Williams Long Emo Hairstyle

girls long emo

Wash your hair with products for your specific hair type and condition

Towel dry and work a dollop of styling gel through damp hair with your fingers

With a wide tooth comb detangle your tresses

Use your fingers to direct your locks into position while you blow your hair dry

Rub a generous amount of styling wax or pomade between your palms and work throughout your hair

Piece the ends of your locks to separate and define your spliced layers

Do the same with your bangs or fringe making certain that the hair is separated somewhat Mist with a light hold spray


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