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Long Boy Hairstyles

Jaxon's Long Hairstyle

This is my son Jaxon. He is 4 1/2 and has had long hair for 2 years now. He gets called a girl at least once a day but it doesnt seem to bother him at all. We love it and hope to keep it going.

long boy hairstyles

This is my 4 1/2 year old son Jaxon. He is, in my eyes the sweetest little guy in the world. Very loving and extremely funny with tons of energy!

We've had his hair long for 2 years now and hope to keep growing it till he grows tired of it. He truely loves his long hair and despite being called a girl 2 to 3 times a day by strangers, is totally opposed to a haircut....other than a trim every 6 months or so.

I only take a half and inch to a full inch off at a time. I wash his hair with Johnsons Lavendar Baby Shampoo every other night and have recently switched to my conditioner "Treseme" instead of spray conditioner. The only troubles that we have come across with a boy his age having long hair is his Pre-K teacher said that he is always holding his hair back with one hand when drawing and writing.

To remedy this I bought strands of suede and we tie his hair back like a little indian. He truely looks as if he stepped out of a 70's tv cute! We have gotten gum stuck in his bangs and with a little peanut butter and gentle hands I managed to get it out. Jaxon does love to wear his hair down, free flowing..

Doesnt allow a ponytail...and I think its because he has a little sister Lola Jean whom loves hers up. Too girly I guess. Thats fine by me. I love boys with long locks especially my little cutey! Forever long hair!!!!

Jaxon ~ Long Boy Hairstyles

Jaxon's Long Hairstyles

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Long Boy Hairstyles

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