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Lon Chaney

Lon Chaney is thought by many to be the greatest character actor of all time. Known as "Man of a Thousand Faces" he was able to transform himself into anyone or anything that the role in question called for.

Lon Chaney Vintage

The Man Of A Thousand Faces

From the early 1900's on into the 1930's , Lon Chaney entertained the masses with artful characters and interesting looks. Neat in appearance, Lon selected to keep his hair cropped short and neat. Lon wore his short hair slicked down with a smart right side part.

This haircut gave him a classic look that many men wear to this day.This was an ideal haircut for this screen star for numerous reasons. Besides the fact that a short men's haircut had to be easy to take care of, Lon was well known for sporting a hat a large portion of the time.

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Although he donned different caps on different occasions, he was especially fond of tweed caps. These tweed caps leant Lon a debonair and somewhat sophisticated appearance. Even though a tweed cap provided a classic element, they still managed to offer a casual air.

A good tweed cap can be dressed up or down as desired, which made them popular for this actor as well as for many other men of this time. With his tweed cap in place, he could put on his best suit and be ready for a meeting with Hollywood executives or he could throw on some casual slacks and meet friends for drinks in an out of the way lounge.

Lon Chaney
Actor Lon Chaney

With his good looks and interesting features, Lon appeared just as good looking in his short, slicked down haircut with a right part as he did in his favorite tweed cap

Styling Steps - Men's Vintage Hairstyle

Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type.

  • Work a liberal amount of styling gel through your hair evenly using your fingers.
  • Use the tail end of your comb and starting at the middle of your right eye, drag the comb back until you have formed an even right part.
  • Comb your hair down and the sides slightly back on either side of your part.
  • Leave to dry naturally.

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Quotes Lon Chaney

"Between pictures, there is no Lon Chaney."

"Remember, my dear, you are an actress. You don't have to live the part, just act it. "

"The point is not for you to cry, make your audience cry. You have to be in control of yourself. "

April 1 1883 ~ Aug 26 1930