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Today I was lucky enough to work with Ali and Lindsay Lohan! Tabloid drama and rumors aside, Lindsay is one beautiful girl. If not acting, she’d do just fine to continue modeling.

Both girls are famously fair skinned with freckles, so makeup becomes important in two separate areas: foundation and bronzer. Of all my products, the one I pay attention to and focus on the most is foundation.

If your foundation isn’t right, people will notice how heavy or pale your makeup looks, not your beautiful face. With the right foundation, you can simply add mascara, a swipe of blush and lip gloss.

ali and lindsay lohanTo create bare-looking flawless skin that wouldn’t hide Lindsay’s freckles, I used a silicone-based tinted moisturizer with a smooth finish.

It’s important to not only have the right color choice in foundation but the right formula and texture for your skin type as well.

That way, the foundation works with your skin throughout the day. I’ve had many clients who continuously powder their foundation throughout the day and blame it on overly oily skin.

In reality, they are slightly oily, and their foundation has too many luminizers that accentuates that oiliness.

I finished up Ali and Lindsay’s makeup with a natural bronzer. I picked a lighter color with just a hint of shimmer because we were going for a high-fashion look. The trick to bronzers is that they are not one-color-suits-all.

Try a brand that has several different shades and both matte and shimmer versions. The most important part of a good bronzer is that it is not too orange, red or brown for your skin color. The wrong bronzer quickly goes from "sun kissed” to "dirt smudged”!


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Published March 17, 2010

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