Lisa Rinna Hairstyles Are Easy To Style

Lisa Rinna hairstyles are the best example of why many women find a signature hairstyle and stick with the look. That is not to say your style needs to be boring! Even Lisa Rinna knows the advantage of subtle changes within your favorite look

Lisa Rinna has worn slight variations of her famous, signature hairstyle for all of her years in Hollywood and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Although it can be fun to completely change your hairstyle, there is a lot to be said with sticking with what works the best for you.

lisa rinna hairstyles

The Lisa Rinna Haircut

At times, Lisa allows her locks to grow slightly longer but stays true to her face framing layers. Lisa Rinna hairstyles are all about color and she definitely uses highlights to play with her style. Highlights and or low lights are a terrific option when it comes to making a change in your style without loosing length. Highlights and low lights can be used to add depth and dimension to your hairstyle. You would be astounded at how a few highlights worked throughout your hair can make a huge difference.

In this particular instance, Lisa Rinna has allowed her signature hairstyle to grow slightly. Her stylist then used a razor from the ends of her hair up to the mid range which offered a large amount of texture to her tresses. For those with thick hair, razoring is a useful way to rid your hair of any extra weight that can cause your hairstyle to fall limp. Lisa Rinna has medium to thick locks and this style is a suitable way to flatter her texture.

With the use of some styling products to provide a touch of volume this hairstyle can be adapted for those whose tresses are fine as well. Virtually every face shape will benefit from Lisa's haircut, which will mask a high forehead and showcase beautiful cheekbones. You can of course opt to wash and wear Lisa Rinna's hairstyle for a more laid back day, if however you are planning a night out you will need to take into consideration that it can take approximately a half hour or so to be ready to go.

Get Lisa Rinna's Style

  • After washing and toweling your hair dry, place some mousse in your palms and run your hands through your damp tresses.
  • With a round brush, start at the back of your head and blow-dry in a downward motion. As you reach the ends, flick them up while drying. This is the same method that should be used on the sides of your hair as well.
  • When drying your crown area, blow-dry under and to the right, and then under and to the left. Keep going until your locks are fully dry. You will want to lift at the roots for height.
  • With some molding cream on your fingers, pinch your ends while gently pulling in an out and upwards direction. The more cream that you use as well as the more pinching that you do, the more textured you will be left with. You will want to use the molding cream to lift at your roots for volume as well as to direct your bangs towards the right.
  • If desired, mist with hairspray for hold.

More Views Of Lisa Rinna's Signature Shag Hairstyle

Styled with off the face bangs

lisa rinna all back shag

Styled longer with wispy layers

lisa rinna longer layered shag

A formal look with flicked out layers

lisa rinna formal shag with highlights

The back view, all fullness and layers

lisa rinna back view layered shag hairstyle

A shorter shag showcased with warm highlights

lisa rinna very short shag

Styled soft and sexy

lisa rinnas short shag hairstyle

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 11, 2015

Photo Credits: Licensed/Beauty And The Bath
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